Performance review templates


There are various sample forms for a performance review. Subject to the particular needs, purposes, objectives, and nature of the performance review conducted by each organization that some specific sample forms may be useful.

I would like to introduce here several of those sample forms for a performance review. You should find these forms easily but it is not that easy to decide which form is suitable to your review:

1. Sample form for manager’s performance review

Evaluating the performance of a manager is certainly different from evaluating that of an employees. Therefore, different form will be used, too.

2. Essay evaluation form

Sound strange! This form required the evaluatees write an essay to be evaluated. It is more of an academy-type form.

3. Forced Choice Form

This form shall contain many questions with multiple choice and require the evaluatees select a suitable choice. There must be no question to be missed and the overall result shall be used to quickly evaluate the evaluatees.

4. Weighted checklist form

This form shall set a list of specific criteria with their relative weighted importance levels. These criteria normally refer to various behaviors at work that are ranked in accordance with their importance level. A summary of choice made by the evaluatees shall be the basis of evaluation.

5. Rating Scale Form

Rating scale form uses multiple questions with quantified ranks in relation to a specific quality. So, the evaluatees shall be ranked more easily among all the employees of the Company.

6. Self-appraisal form

As the name may suggest, the employees use this form to evaluate themselves. It is less official and the evaluation result shall not be published to others but the employees themselves. It is used for self-development purpose.

7. 360 degree appraisal form

This form is divided into categories, each of which is for specific group of evaluators and therefore, may provide a broader view on the evaluatees. Those categories may divided into sections for subordinates, peers, managers, team members, and even customers, who shall be the performance evaluators.

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