Performance review software

The goal is to guide the manager and the employee in a productive conversation. These aren’t conversations to be dreaded or avoided. Performance reviews are a crucial opportunity for improvement. And SuccessFactors knows performance reviews more than anyone. Even your busiest managers will be able to create employee performance appraisals filled with details and data quickly and easily.

Our templates streamline every aspect of a performance evaluation, and coaching tools help managers conduct meaningful and effective appraisals. With our writing assistant, writer’s block is a thing of the past. A manager can easily rate goal achievement and assess performance against job-specific competencies and core company values. And an integrated team rater feature even lets a manager quickly enter accurate ratings for an entire team at one time.

When managers motivate employees successfully, productivity skyrockets along with company growth and bottom line performance. Effective performance appraisals allow you to identify gaps and serve as the foundation for employee development. This leads to higher-performing employees and improves your company’s performance.

With SuccessFactors Performance Appraisal Reviews, you will:

  • Increase engagement. Develop a path that works for employees as well as the company.
  • Build detailed individual profiles. Decide who you want to reward, develop and retain.
  • Boost review quality and free up management time. Provide more professional and meaningful feedback faster using our built-in writing and coaching assistants.
  • Rate team performance. Rate individuals on a team at one time for more accurate rankings in less time.
  • Offer development plans. Give your people clear direction on how they can improve.
  • Streamline your workflow. Route and track review forms automatically and provide participants with instant online access.
  • Reduce your risk. Minimize legal exposure with our built-in legal scan function.

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