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Performance review phrases for self-development.


Self-development is a never-ending work on yourself, which implies improving and developing your personal qualities. In this process, people constantly look for different opportunities to gain new knowledge in order to achieve their goals. Self-development is an important quality which each employer should look for in his potential employees. Such staff will constantly look at what they can improve in themselves and how others may benefit from what they. Thus, they are capable to make a better contribution to the company.

Such people:

  • are open-minded
  • constantly seek to improve themselves
  • are eager to gain new knowledge
  • feed their brain with more and more knowledge on a regular basis
  • do their best to level up their skills
  • acknowledge their flaws and address them
  • learn from their mistakes
  • cultivate good habits and quit bad ones
  • make themselves get out of their comfort zone
  • tend to overcome their fears
  • learn to act in new circumstances
  • learn to deal with difficult people
  • want to become a better version of themselves

Positive performance review phrases for self-development

  1. Florence constantly pursues learning opportunities in order to improve her personal and professional skills.
  2. Kate is purposeful and always gets the desired results.
  3. Diana is very good at finding areas of improvement. She takes full responsibility for her personal development and is eager to grow in the career world.
  4. Robert constantly develops and applies new methods to achieve the best results.
  5. Julia is versatile which helps her in communication with people and reaching compromises.
  6. Sam is self-organized and has the ability to meet the strictest deadlines.
  7. Sandra has a creative mindset that can be valuable in a number of professional and personal situations.
  8. Richard is good at meeting influential people, such as potential employers or clients, as he knows how to make a positive first impression.
  9. Daniel is always positive and focused on achieving objectives and not on the problems, which makes him more productive and more approachable.
  10. He is responsible and strict with himself; therefore, he brings the work to perfection.
  11. She knows how to prioritize which allows her to achieve the desired results quickly.
  12. Florence constantly pursues learning opportunities in order to improve her personal and professional skills. She has significantly improved her performance.

Negative performance review phrases for self-development

  1. Sue jumps from one goal to another without accomplishing anything.
  2. Diane is not capable to manage her emotions and fears, and deal with others’ negative behaviours positively.
  3. Robert does not take responsibility for personal growth. He seems not to have a growth mindset.
  4. Clare does not demonstrate any desire to grow and develop in the career world.
  5. Jim tends to set lofty goals to excite the management but constantly misses the deadlines.
  6. Fiona does not have a clear vision of what the business goals are.
  7. Judie does not have any strategies to execute the business goals.
  8. Sam pursues personal goals at the expense of the business goals.
  9. Frank does not reflect on the experiences, which leads to making the same mistakes repeatedly.
  10. Laura cannot identify gaps in her personal development in order to set relevant goals.
  11. Sandra cannot concentrate on one thing at a time and dedicate enough time and resource to it.
  12. Kate does not seek for efficient ways to organize tasks, time and materials.
  13. Stacy is never serious about accomplishing tasks within the time given.
  14. Brian does not take positive criticism well which often leads to fighting with the coworkers.


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