Performance review sales manager


Performance review sales manager

Key sources: sales manager job description, sales manager competencies profile, sales manager annual objectives…

You can do performance review of sales manager based on competencies below:

I. Sales skills

1. Sales planning;

2. Outcome Setting;

3. State Control;

4. Ability to Ask Right Question;

5. Rapport;

6. Listening to Customer;

7. Closing Skills…

II. Soft/management skills

You can ref review phrases of competencies below by clicking links that you want to:

1. Goals-setting

2. Teamwork

3. Problem solving

4. Critical-thinking

5. Quality of work

6. Communication

7. Time management

8. Management style

9. Interpersonal skills

10. Dependability

11. Cooperation

12. Attitude

13. Initiative

14. Creativity

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