Performance review report


Performance review report

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Job-related details and actions taken during the reporting period

Name: ___________________   Grade: ______   Payroll No: _____________ Period of Report       From:                              To: ___________


Report Type:            __________________________________


Issued: ____________________       Return by: ______________




 Overall job purpose:_____________________________________________







Number of staff managed: _____________


Other resources managed:








Jobholder (signature) _______Date_____________   




  For Jobholder and Reporting Officer Action              Jobholder                        Reporting OfficerInitial                Date                   Initial               Date
Personal Performance AgreementPersonal Development Plan


In-year review(s) conducted.


End of year review conducted.


Report to Countersigning Officer


Report to Jobholder


Performance Appraisal Interview


Report to Personnel Branch


________________________              _______________________                                           ________________________              _______________________                                                            


________________________              _______________________


________________________              _______________________


________________________              _______________________


________________________              _______________________


________________________              _______________________


________________________              _______________________



Personnel Action


Report monitored:       Signed ____________   Date _____________   Grade __________


HRMS actioned:         Signed ______________   Date _____________   Grade __________

Achievement of Objectives

Please provide your opinions on the jobholder’s performance achieved during the reporting period in comparison with the objectives as stipulated in the Personal Performance Agreement.























Evaluation of Competence and Behavior

Please provide your opinions on the jobholder’s competence and behavior shown during the reporting period:

Notes: References to individual related behaviors should be included; attention should be paid on those of greatest importance and impact;

(Refer to Personal Performance Agreement and related Competence Standards)

Strategy/Policy (Grade 6 – SO)






















Specialist/Technical Competence 






Overall Rating of Performance  (Please tick appropriate box)

                                                                                   In substantive grade       In temporary grade


Outstanding q q
Performance significantly above requirements q q
Performance fully meets requirements q q
Performance not fully up to requirements q q
Unacceptable q q

This employee has worked under me for …. Years and … months. I have read and understood the guidance notes and Equal Opportunity Guide of the company and hereby confirm that I have complied with all the responsibilities as specified in the areas therein. I would also hereby certify that the information on the next page is true and accurate.

Reporting Officer (CAPITAL letters) _________________________________________________________________________



Signed ___________________________________ Date _______________________ Grade __________________________



Countersigning Officer’s Comments


Frequency of sight of work during the reporting period


Daily q Weekly q Monthly q Quarterly q Annually q



Countersigning Officer’s comments (including whether you agree with the Reporting Officer’s comments and overall markings).








This officer has worked for me for __ years and __ months.  I have read the Guidance Notes and the Equal Opportunities

Guide and confirm I have fulfilled my responsibilities in these areas.


Countersigning Officer (CAPITAL letters) ____________________________________________________________________



Signed ___________________________________ Date _______________________ Grade __________________________




Comments should be made in all sections.


Jobholder Comments


The content of the performance assessment.






The implementation of your training and development plan and, where appropriate, future developmental opportunities.






Interviewer comments


Discussion about future potential.  This should include a clear indication of potential for promotion to the next grade.



Please record areas of disagreement which remain unresolved.







Interviewer signature:  ___________________________        Date:  _________________________________



CAPITAL letters:  ______________________________



Jobholder signature:  ____________________________        Date:  _________________________________



CAPITAL letters: _______________________________


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