Performance review process


Performance review process

Process of Performance review includes 5 steps as follows:

1. Performance standard setting

The first step to conduct a performance review is to set the standards, or criteria, for the review. Such standards shall be the basis of evaluating the performance of employees and comparing the results of different ones. Those standards should be based on the level of contribution to the company made by the evaluators and are supposed to be clear, easy to understand, and measurable.

2. Standard communication

When the company has set its standards for performance review process, it must introduce and propagandize such standards to the whole staffs of the company. Those standards must be clearly explained to all the employees, especially those of units intended to be reviewed. The evaluators also need to have a well understanding of these standards as well.

This step provides opportunities for the Company to modify its standards on basis of any recommendation made by the evaluarors and evaluators.

3. Performance Measurement

Now, when you have had the criteria, and have introduced the criteria to all related persons, it is time for you to start measuring the evaluators’ performance as per criterion. This step is actually a continuous process occurring during the review period. The evaluators shall apply various techniques to measure the evaluators’ performance and record them in their notes. In the end, the evaluators shall collect all the notes and make an overall review. If it is necessary, during this period, the evaluators may make some actions to correct the mistakes made by evaluators to improve their performance.

4. Comparing the review results among evaluators and with the desired standards

The measured results shall be compared with the desired standards to decide which areas should be improved and which areas should be continued the performance in the future. The comparison result shall be an important basis for later decision making step. The comparison norms shall be defined by the company into levels and the overall levels shall define the overall performance of the evaluators.

5. Discussing the results

When the review results have been achieved and compared, ranked with the desired standard, a summary of which shall be submitted to the managers of the company. These managers shall use the result and hold meeting on one-on-one basis with each evaluators to discuss their own performance with them and figure out any problem. There are several techniques adopted by the managers in these meetings; however, they should keep a positive view on the evaluators until the final decision.


Decision Making

This is the final step of a performance review process. The managers, upon receiving all the review results and having met with the evaluators one-on-one, shall discuss with each other to make a decision in relation to those evaluators. The decisions may be about further development activities, promotion, demotion, increase of salary, reward or bonus, appraisal or criticism, support to resolve problems, and so on. Those decisions made shall be forward to the Human resource departments and replied to the evaluatees for them to know and act accordingly.

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