Performance review phrases – Weaknesses

Weaknesses are either some features of our character or lack of certain skills which make us perform not as well as the employer would like us to. People are not perfect, and it is normal not to be so good at some things as others are. What matters most is what we do in order to overcome them. Working on yourself to perform better at work is highly appreciated by employers, and even if the employee cannot get over some of his or her weaknesses, he or she may put them to good use.

Positive performance review phrases for Weaknesses

  1. Isaac strives to do his best even if he does not know something.
  2. Justin is creative and quick on the draw but often acts recklessly.
  3. Sofia performs her assigned tasks slowly but at the same time diligently and scrupulously.
  4. Jack strives to get over his fear of public speaking.
  5. Jordan calmness and cheerfulness make his colleagues feel relaxed in his presence.
  6. Emily is overly self-assured but can effectively organize the activities of other employees.
  7. Connor always puts off his work, although he meets all of his deadlines.
  8. Isabella tends to internalize clients’ problems, but it helps her find a common language with them.
  9. Austin strives to do as much as he can, although has a lack of creativity.
  10. Ella always completes her tasks on time and with great care, although she is extremely timid.

 Negative performance review phrases for Weaknesses

  1. Jacob loses self-confidence when it comes to urgent issues.
  2. Mia is a perfectionist and tends to spend a lot of time doing things unnecessarily diligently.
  3. Gabriel avoids any confrontation and cannot defend his opinion.
  4. Chloe does not notice negative attitude of her employees towards the assignments given.
  5. Grace does not pay enough attention to her employees’ weaknesses, which may seriously affect the quality of the work.
  6. William tends to give up his work if he cannot succeed.
  7. Evelyn is too impulsive and impatient.
  8. Ryan is overly occupied with his hobbies, which sometimes interferes with his performance.
  9. Layla slowly switches from one task to another.
  10. Amelia makes up her mind too slowly and passes up good opportunities.
  11. Samuel is overly ostentatious. This disrupts the work of other employees as he tries to get their attention.

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