Performance review phrases teamwork


Performance review phrases teamwork
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I. Contents of performance review phrases teamwork
Employees and managers need to work together to make the performance appraisal process interactive and effective. A good performance appraisal can be used as a blueprint for the development of the employee, and to help create the proper expectations for the company in regards to future raises and management potential. It helps employees to understand the meanings behind common phrases for performance evaluations to help create common ground between the employee and the company.

Application Skills

o        Managers tend to notice employees that are able to observe a situation, and then react after careful consideration. This kind of thought process helps to identify employees that can take on additional responsibilities, and may even be considered management candidates. Some of the common phrases managers use to identify observant employees include “applies learned information to everyday situations,” “understands training material and explains information well to others” and “asks pertinent questions.”


o        A proactive organization is constantly trying to identify managerial prospects among its own staff. When hiring a manager from within, the company can save on training costs because the employee is already familiar with company operations and the department she is being asked to manage. Some of the common terms used by managers in performance reviews to identify management candidates are “is not afraid to take the lead in any situation,” “has good interpersonal skills and can communicate well with other departments” and “shows confidence in decision making.”


o        Teamwork is an important characteristics for employees to have. An employee with excellent teamwork skills can be targeted by the company as someone that can handle more responsibility and is able to delegate tasks effectively. Some of the common phrases that managers use to identify good teamwork include “works well with the rest of the staff,” “is able to communicate ideas to co-workers and managers,” “responds with comprehensive answers to all questions” and “shows consideration and respect for other members of the team.”


o        Employees that are willing and able to communicate their ideas to management can be seen as trusted resources by the company. Companies often reward creativity and will give people with creative tendencies greater responsibility within the company. Some of the performance review phrases that identify creative employees include “offers creative and helpful suggestions on a regular basis,” “is able to analyze a situation and offer effective solutions” and “can be counted on for quality input at all times.”

II. Useful materials for performance review phrases teamwork
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