Performance review phrases – Stress management

Nowadays, we suffer from stress in practically every situation in our life. Thus, finding your way to deal with it leads to personal success, especially if we talk about stress management at work. Stress management means taking responsibility of our thoughts, emotions, and the way we deal with problems. The important factor for a manager is to put stress management into performance.

Positive performance review phrases for stress management:

  1. Julia always controls her way of talking with colleagues and never shouts or uses bad language at them.
  2. While dealing with stress situations at work, Kylie never does anything rash and thinks over every step to avoid possible mistakes.
  3. Adrian uses the sport corner equipped in the former storage room to work out for 15 minutes a day in order to relax his mind.
  4. Connor never becomes nervous and jumpy in stressful situations. Instead, he maintains composure and does his best to avoid dealing with the same problems again.
  5. Being stressed over a problem task, Justin always writes down his thoughts and ones of colleagues to read and think over after he calms down.
  6. Every morning Ashley composes a to-do-list and prioritizes tasks according to their urgency and importance.
  7. Sophie stopped taking control of everything and started to delegate small responsibilities to her subordinates, which helps her to concentrate on the big picture.
  8. If something is bothering Kylie, she never bottles it up and always discusses the problem issues with her colleagues.
  9. Camila created a balance between her work and family life by avoiding procrastination during a working day and getting home on time after her work has been done.
  10. Jack completes his job long before deadlines because he breaks big projects into small steps and strictly follows his plan.

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