Performance review phrases – Reliability

Reliability is one of the most important qualities, forming the professional suitability of employees in both commercial and non-commercial companies. , who have this trait sufficiently developed and clearly expressed, keep motivation on working and loyalty to the employer even in the hardest times. They are willing to devote their personal time to the company in order to help the business to thrive. They are ready to give their know-how to the company and constantly seek for opportunities to be useful.

Positive performance review phrases for Reliability

  1. Lucas showed himself as a reliable employee, always completing all tasks in time.
  2. We can always rely on Mathew, as we know he will not refuse even if the tasks do not correspond with his job description.
  3. Anna is ready to answer calls in 24/7 mode and complete all the tasks even when on vacation.
  4. Sarah makes the impression that she is a reliable team player, aimed at the overall result.
  5. During the crisis, Christian continued to work conscientiously.
  6. Joshua independently studied new technologies in his spare time and made suggestions for optimizing the company’s business processes with their help.
  7. We can be sure that if Jonathan finds mistakes in the work he will not only tell to manager about it but also take all measures to eliminate it.

Negative performance review phrases for Reliability

  1. Because of the desire to demonstrate impressive performance, Sarah can falsify data in job reports.
  2. Failures at work affect Zoe too much and can dislodge her from working rhythm for a long time.
  3. At times his desire to save money for the company results in choosing cheap equipment/service at the expense of quality.
  4. Due to his incline to full dedication, Benjamin has a faster professional burnout.
  5. If you rely on David, you can miss the deadline and take negative mark form your boss.

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