Performance review phrases – organizing and planning

When an employee faces with a challenging objective, it is common feeling that they are energetic and enthusiastic about the task. However, his/her performance can be significantly reduced due to the internal problems within the organization in relation to managerial function. Organizations are now taking a numerous of approaches to handle these problems in order to maintain the order of the work, accomplishment of targets and timely performance of the tasks. It is also important for employees to know about these approaches in relation to the organization plan and programs, which should be clearly explained to them. So, how to determine if one employee is aware of these approaches or methods or if he/she has a clear understanding about and is focused on them? Referring to the following phrases may be helpful in this consideration:

Positive performance review phrases for organizing and planning

• Demonstrate a good organization and planning skill;

• Be creative and logical in addressing a matter of work;

• Be quick in finding information;

• Be capable of planning and organizing the work in timely manner;

• Stick to deadlines and meet the production benchmarks;

• Work toward an organized and comfortable working environment;

• Be responsible for the work and ready to stay up late to ensure the work is performed well.

• James creates an invigorating atmosphere for colleagues, making them more productive.

Negative performance review phrases for organizing and planning

• Feel difficult to plan an action without any instruction;

• Fail to resolve the problem in timely and duly manner;

• Lack of communication at work and be reluctant to support or assistance;

• Meet difficulties in understanding the strategy of the company or narrating a conceptual ideal of the managers;

• Demonstrate a management-by-crisis style, which means a responsive style;

• Meet difficulties in handling the workload.

The sample of performance review phrases for organizing and planning is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, organizing and planning review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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