Performance review phrases – Management skills

There are many skills a good manager should possess. It is not easy to be one, as all skills should be improved regularly. At the same time, the success of the company does depend on the manager, because he/she has to constantly motivate their employees to have enthusiasm for their work in order to cope with new projects.

Positive performance review phrases for Management Skills

  1. He always asks the members of his team if they like their tasks. He cares that everyone is happy and willing to perform the task well.
  2. He has developed an effective system of encouraging and criticizing her employees. The working community has approved it.
  3. If she sees that someone of her team has difficulty performing a specific task, she helps them, giving practical tips or even another task.
  4. She is humane and never lets her employees work overtime, as it can have a negative effect on their attitude and, consequently, their performance.
  5. He always highly praises his employees when the project is done. It helps them to stay motivated and excited about their next task.
  6. He regularly analyses the relationships between his employees. If he sees any problems, he cares that they be solved as soon as possible.
  7. She always motivates her team to finish the project fast. It helps the company to progress and improve.
  8. She controls how every member of her team performs the tasks. If someone has a problem, then she is always ready to help him/her. That is why all projects of her group are always done within the deadline.
  9. She cares that her employees have good relationships, understand the idea of the project the same way and do not have any serious discordance.
  10. Every week she sets up staff meetings for her group. It helps the members of the group to be more involved in the project.

Negative performance review phrases for Management Skills

  1. He is often in a bad mood, which has a negative effect on the work of his employees, making them unmotivated.
  2. He is too restrained and does not encourage his employees or pay them any compliments, even if they have done a great job in a short time.
  3. She never asks her team if they are happy with the tasks she gave them. Employees, who are not very happy with their task, are not willing to perform it promptly and well.
  4. He does not care for his employees to understand the idea of the project. This attitude does not motivate them at all.
  5. He is very authoritative, sometimes even arrogant towards his employees. He orders to perform tasks instead of asking. That influences his employees negatively, as they do not want to do their work.
  6. He never helps his employees if they have any problems performing a specific task.
  7. She does not try to navigate conflict situations between her employees, even if she could do so. This attitude is not effective for the company.
  8. She does not care if her employees like their tasks. She never changes them, even being asked to do so.

She forces her employees to work overtime for multiple days in a row, even if they could finish the project within the given deadlines without extra efforts.

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