Performance review phrases for integrity

Integrity is, undoubtedly, one of the core values of any person. This is a skill of doing the right thing even when no one is looking. It is closely associated with honesty, responsibility, self-awareness and self-discipline. Therefore, this characteristic may benefit any business considerably, improving and maintaining its spotless reputation. Making a decision according to your own standards and ethical principles regardless the negative consequences is easier said than done. However, even the smallest action can influence our self-respect and the reputation of the company. Any business starts with trust and trust starts with integrity.

Positive performance review phrases for integrity

  1. Flora adheres to moral and ethical principles in any situation. The reputation of the company is utterly important to her.
  2. Theodore is a highly organized person and good at prioritizing what is important. He manages himself perfectly.
  3. Sam always keeps his word, and does not make promises that he knows he is unable to keep.
  4. He always performs the minimum of the tasks for each day. He does not spend much time chattering with co-workers.
  5. If she comes across any problem with a project, she goes to her superior co-workers and asks for their help, instead of keeping the problem secretly to herself.
  6. Daniel takes full responsibility for his actions. He never blames others for his own mistakes.
  7. Robert uses all provided materials for work and not personal use. He never steal supplies from the workplace.
  8. Shirley never takes part in gossips. Therefore, she is a role model for others to follow.
  9. Henry does his best to complete the given commitments, even when it is an inconvenience.
  10. Even if Sandra make a mistake, she owns up to it immediately and does whatever is necessary to improve the situation.
  11. She is thinking about the project all the time, even if the workday is over. On a new working day, she brings many creative ideas for the project.
  12. Fred can defend an ethical position from an adult point of view, without being aggressive.

Negative performance review phrases for integrity

  1. He is always coming late at work. He takes breaks much longer than the maximum permissible time. He does not help the company to improve.
  2. She does not care that her work is insufficient.
  3. He does not take the work seriously and lets his co-worker do the entire job. His tasks are never performed one hundred percent by himself.
  4. She asks to get many different tasks but most part of her work is done by her colleagues.
  5. He takes a break as soon as the administrator does not watch for him. Sometimes the administrator does not see him at the work at all.
  6. She can never stay longer at work, even if it is required by the leader of her group. She takes every chance to finish her workday earlier.
  7. She does not mind going home before all important work is done.
  8. He is not willing to finish the project, even if the deadline is close.
  9. She does not put any efforts into performing her tasks. The results of her job are always the same and not very creative.
  10. If something at work goes wrong, she blames her co-workers for the mistake, even if it caused by her.

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