Performance review phrases for goals-setting

Goal-setting is a specially required skill for any employee and manager especially. This skill requires you know to judge the amount of work you are going to do and the way you are going to follow to complete those work. It helps you plan ahead everything and relieves you of stress at work.

You can use positive and negative performance review phrases as follows:

Positive Appraise Phrases on Goal-setting

  1. John knows how to keep his staff within a plan and assigns suitable duties to each of them.
  2. John knows to assign suitable duties to each staff members and urges them to give him the result as he expects.
  3. It is typical of John to make frequent feedback to his staff members to keep them in the way as he has planned.
  4. John is very responsible for the performance of his staff members and the achievement of the goals as he planned.
  5. John knows to define clear goals and expect the right performance from his group.
  6. John effectively keeps his staff focused by setting clear goals and assigning duties to them.
  7. It is a good practice of John to assign duties to his staff member and monitor their performance toward such goals.
  8. Terry keeps track of his progress very well. He sets specific goals for each phase and frequently reports his performance to the managers for review.

Negative appraisal phrases on Goal-setting

  1. John only gives task to his employees without providing any information or feedback to keep them on the track.
  2. He fails to pursue the goals as it seems ineffective that he assign wrong tasks to his employees.
  3. John is easy to get distracted at work. Not focusing on this goals results in his failure.
  4. He thinks that employees should be those who take main responsible for the deadlines and objective but not him, the supervisor.
  5. John is not good at setting goals. He sometimes requires his group to achieve impossible goals.
  6. John only sets goals for his employees, however, he takes no measure to supervise their performance.
  7. John’s goal-setting skill is not effective since he always assigns inappropriate tasks to his employees.
  8. John has not met his goals achievement because he does not have suitable assignment to his staff.
  9. John does not often focus on his work and try to reach his goals.
  10. John blames others for missed deadlines and objectives.
  11. John fails to achieve his goals that are sometimes pre-set.


The sample of performance review phrases for goals-setting is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, an goals-setting review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activity for your staffs.

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