Performance review phrases for Flexibility

Flexibility is an important skill which every employer wants to see in his potential employees. This ability is thought to be especially important for managers, allowing them to adapt to sudden changes in the work strategy, react quickly to the changing circumstances and make on-spot decisions considering all possible outcomes and scenarios. Flexible employees are more appreciated by employers, as they are ready to do more work even if this work is out of their area of responsibility.

1. Positive performance review phrases for Flexibility

  1. She is strong and confident but at the same time open-minded and always ready to consider proposals of her colleagues.
  2. He is ready to improve and develop necessary skills to make his job more effective. He participates in trainings and other corporate events.
  3. She never gets stressed in unexpected situations and never complains about various innovations introduced at the workplace.
  4. He is ready to make a new carefully considered decision if the situation has changed and the previous actions became inappropriate.
  5. She is ready to work extra hours if there are some urgent and essential issues, which should be solved till the end of the day.
  6. He is always ready for business trips when it is necessary for his job and for improving of relationships with his clients.
  7. He is a flexible manager and always tries to understand and respect his employees’ situations, thus creating a positive working environment.
  8. He always keeps an eye on the market changes to be able to react immediately, making his company flourish and develop.
  9. She always takes into account opposite conflicting views to develop a proper compromise solution.
  10. He tries to find an individual approach to each person, colleagues and customers, to optimize his work and get benefits for the company.

2. Negative performance review phrases for Flexibility

  1. As she often works overtime, she gets tired and it reduces her productivity.
  2. She cannot refuse her colleagues’ requests and has a lot of extra work and additional problems.
  3. He always adapts to production changes trying to please his manager but sometimes standing on his own is better.
  4. He tries to gain more and more additional skills at his work, which results in his failure to focus on the main thing.
  5. He allows his employees to work from home in case of necessity and they begin to misuse his sympathy.
  6. She tries to perform several tasks simultaneously to finish her work faster instead of setting the right priorities.
  7. She always accepts too many tasks and cannot cope with this huge amount of work in result.
  8. She can change her point of view without disputing and defending it. She should be more certain about her proposals.
  9. Due to the highest level of responsibility, he cannot afford to relax and enjoy some time out of work.

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