Performance review phrases for Ethics

Ethics are a code of conduct for the employees, which they follow at their workplace in order to reach the defined business goals and aims of the company. These rules are not based on provisions of law, but corporate ethics are usually strictly respected by all developed companies and their personnel. Following these rules is essential for negotiating, escaping conflicts and creating a successful business in general.

1. Positive performance review phrases for Ethics

  1. She is very punctual and values the time of her colleagues and business partners. She has never been late to business meetings.
  2. She is a very honest person and never affords to use any company’s benefits for her personal purposes.
  3. He is a person of great principle and a good manager and treats all his employees equally, regardless their gender, age and other irrelevant options.
  4. She is very punctual and values the time of her colleagues and business partners. She has never been late to business meetings.
  5. Thanks to her ability to resolve disputes with clients and partners peacefully, the company always avoids any legal proceedings.
  6. She prevents any gossips and other private conversations at the workplace, thus forming a good working climate.
  7. He is well-mannered and never criticizes his colleagues when they do something incorrectly. He helps to remedy the situation instead.
  8. She always complies with the dress code and her business behavior is as proper and formal as her appearance.
  9. He is good at negotiation following corporate rules and studied techniques, which has positive impact on his career development.
  10. She has developed an effective system of encouraging and criticizing of her employees, which is respected by the working community.

2. Negative performance review phrases for Ethics

  1. Always trying to follow the dress code, she seems to be too focused on her appearance instead of working skills.
  2. Highly respecting corporate ethics, he has created a too strict atmosphere at the office. The staff cannot show a little initiative in such climate.
  3. He is too restrained and does not encourage or compliment his personnel when he ought to do it.
  4. She cannot afford to tell off her employees even when they make serious mistakes in business negotiations.
  5. She always goes into details during business communications to make sure that her partner understands her point of view. It takes too much working time.
  6. Due to her own high ethical approach, she has faith in other people. She is convinced that they want to work and do it as properly as she does, but unfortunately it is not always true.
  7. He values a mutually beneficial cooperation with his partners and maintains good relationships with them, but he absolutely forgets about the necessary competitiveness, which is also important in business.
  8. He has created democratic and equal relationships with his employees but he should have been more demanding.

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