Performance review phrases – Decision making

Decision making is probably the most important skill for anyone because it relates very closely to one’s ability to take responsibility for their life. As the job of a leader is to make decisions as guidelines for his/her subordinates, decision-making ability is of crucial importance to a leader. Moreover, it is not only essential to the performance at work but also in social activities and daily life. People with good decision-making skills are confident in their approach to make sound decisions. So, what are the descriptions of a person who is good at decision making?

A person with good decision-making skills should be a person who tends to:
• Be able to make sound fact-based judgments;
• Be able to work out multiple alternative solutions and determined the most suitable one;
• Be objective in considering a fact or situation;
• Be firm to not let the individual emotion and feeling affect on the made decision;
• Be decisive in hard case scenario and times;
• Be supportive and encourage others to work well with him/her.
• Good at making true and fair judgments based on facts and evidences;
• Be decisive to select out the most suitable solution among many others;
• Be assertive and keep personal emotion and feelings out of the head;
• Consider the situation or problem objectively;
• Be encouraging and supportive at work.

Positive performance review phrases for decision making

  1. Jennifer is able to make a decision when other employees are too afraid to commit to a course of action.
  2. Yvonne makes bold decisions based purely on logic.
  3. Every solution proposed by Rachel is a result of a detailed analysis.
  4. Robert incites his subordinates to participate in decision-making.
  5. Jeremy is aware of the possible implications of unexpected problems and uses sound judgment to fix them.
  6. Peter is not afraid to make tough decisions.
  7. Frank weighs all the options with great attention to details.
  8. Laura is able to find the perfect solution even in force majeure situation.
  9. Quentin can be counted on when the team is facing difficult problems.
  10. Susan carefully collects data before making decisions.
  11. Nathan considers numerous alternatives for every problem.
  12. Aaron consults with others when choosing a course of action.
  13. Jack is an honest employee who makes decisions based on facts, not personalities.
  14. Monica communicates decisions directly and intelligibly.
  15. Oliver meticulously analyzes issues and works out workable solutions.
  16. Richard is able to come up with numerous alternative solutions and select the most suitable one.


And what about the descriptions of a person with bad decision-making ability? Such a person tends to:
• Be hesitant in making decision and too much cautious in making the final decision which often results in wrong decision;
• Apply complex and impractical approaches in solving problems;
• Fail to make a short-list of solutions recommended by direct units;
• Be paralyzed and confused when facing tight deadlines to make decisions;
• Make too much complaint on the content of the job;
• Tend to apply a single and rush decision-making approach;
• Avoid conflicts at work in relation to decision making process.
• Fail to make up his/her mind about a certain problem;
• Apply complex and unconventional methods in approaching a problem instead of simple and formal methods;
• Struggle hard under critical circumstances;
• Keep complaining about a problem instead of seeking solution to resolve it;
• Have to struggle hard but cannot meet tight deadlines;
• Often recourse to hasty method;
• Fail to work out a common decision for the whole group discussion;
• Be confused in dealing with too many issues in group work and cannot make the final decision.

Negative performance review phrases for decision making

  1. Francesca delays decision-making, which leads to serious production problems.
  2. Evan does not have enough experience to be responsible for decision-making.
  3. Gwen frequently makes irrational and spontaneous decisions.
  4. Abigail fails to listen to all sides of an argument when making decisions.
  5. Arnold refuses from tasks that cannot be accomplished with simple solutions.
  6. George shifts responsibilities for tough decisions to other employees.
  7. Wendy prefers to use emotions instead of facts, which helps her to pick the best solution.
  8. Bruce is too afraid to make a mistake. It makes him a very poor decision maker.
  9. Jake collects too much unnecessary data to sort out simple problems.
  10. Janet chooses conventional options instead of coming up with new ideas.
  11. Robert always agrees with others and does not offer his own solutions.
  12. Harry does not like to address such problems that cannot be resolved with quick solutions.
  13. Sometimes David forgets to think through all the options when picking the solution.


The sample of performance review phrases for decision making is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, decision making review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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