Performance review phrases – attitude

Attitude is the most important criterion in performance appraisal, especially as for those companies who value customer services very much. A good attitude of employees will further enhance the quality of customer services while a poor attitude will cause a bad customer experience and as a consequence, they may not come to buy the products anymore. Sale agents may make mistakes but if they have a good attitude toward customers, those mistakes can be forgiven. On the other hand, no matter good the products you offer is, if your attitude is poor, customers may still not buy your products. Therefore, this factor must be carefully considered in determining an employee’s performance and decide wage rate for him/her.

1. Positive performance review phrases for attitude

1. Tom frequently has a positive viewpoint and we appricate his attitude when he makes decisions in the difficult situations
2. Jenny is always positive. It is his special attitude
3. Wendell is appricated by us because of his way of thinking about things. He is willing to share positive thoughts which is refreshing
4. Bill encourages coworkers in the right time and creates an environment where his team trust together
5. Penny’s internal bearing is always right on with a focus on the right attitude
6. Sally seems to perform better under pressure, even though stress can cause people to react in funny ways. She always connects the team together
7. Bill has a humorous character, so others feel good when he’s around
8. Julia emphasize the positive in most situations
9. Jenny has a positive attitude. She frequently has a smile on her face and you can tell she enjoys her job.

2. Negative performance review phrases for attitude

1. Jennifer is a good staff, but her attitudes have some problems
2. Holly often changes his attitudes. This can effect negatively on the team
3. Jim’s team reports to him productively, but he has some contradictions with other managers which must be resolved
4. George is very composed – unfortunately, the level of the attitude isn’t good. He should improve his attitude by working
5. Kevin usually breaks work when company meetings finished and announced difficult decisions
6. Bob seems reserved lately, as if what he was doing did not connect with him
7. We can see Terry is not satisfied with his work easily. He should not to think about how his display affects those around him.
8. Jim frequently show that he is better than coworkers. He is not friendly and is rude to them
9. Bill has a bad viewpoint at times. This may be damage all the team

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The sample of performance review phrases for attitude is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, an attitude review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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