Performance review phrases – Adaptability

Performance review phrases for adaptability (flexibility).


Adaptability means the feeling of flexibility toward changes. It indicates your ability to handle changing demand in the circumstances, uncertainty and stress. A person with good adaptability can remain calm and composed under difficult situations. They are more likely to accomplish the tasks or meet the deadlines in duly manner. Adaptability also means one can respond quickly to a problem or work out a solution in a short time to such a change.

Having a diversity of strong points is always a good addition to your success. It was, however, not always a fact in the past. You could succeed with only a set of certain strengths, which is nearly impossible nowadays. In modern time, one must utilize everything that he/she has in order to succeed, from writing and speaking skills to knowledge about humanity, sociology and psychology.

People are becoming more aware of the necessity of skills and knowledge to be successful. After all, it is your years of experience that matters rather than your special abilities.

1. Positive performance review phrases for adaptability

  • John knows to remain calm and composed under stressful situations.
  • Monica always applies new more effective approaches in conducting businesses.
  • Joshua can persuade others to keep calm and keep them focus on the main goals.
  • Sarah is quick in adapting to change in the performance of the duties.
  • Julia appreciates others’ comment or criticizing opinions.
  • Sandra is initiative at work by adopting appropriate methods to perform the duties.
  • Raymond acknowledges and recognizes any proposal for change.
  • Jim is ready to face with any change in circumstances.

2. Negative performance review phrases for adaptability

  • Daniel is slow to confront with any change.
  • Kelly is so consistent in following the job descriptions that being resistant to change.
  • Clair is not likely to accept any change, even minor ones.
  • Fred is late in executing any new plan or project.
  • Terry is neglectful of less priority tasks.
  • Sue rarely attend any independent, research-based activities.
  • Charlie rarely help personnel of other departments to accomplish their tasks.
  • Arnold is easy to get depressed if the result gets wrong.

The sample of performance review phrases for adaptability is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, adaptability review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activities for your staffs.

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