Performance review phrases of accountability


Accountability is the term indicating an essential core competency. It reflects the expected explanation of a person as to his/her acts or behaviors. Judging from one’s accountability, he/she can be determined to be liable to the action or behavior he/she has made. In contractual terms, people are often subject to accountability duty in performing their jobs.

I/ Positive performance review phrases for accountability

1. Terry is very responsible to his team job as he is very helpful in helping others in doing their tasks assigned to the whole group.

2. Terry is such an accountable person at work. He is responsible to what he did and never avoids them.

3. It is such a remarkable characteristic of Terry to recognize and comply very well with his responsibilities in performing his job.

4. Terry would very like it to receive feedbacks from others. He is such an accountable person.

II/ Negative performance review phrases for accountability

1. It is not a good thing of Terry to blame others for his failure which he ought to be responsible for.

2. Terry is very reluctant to accept his failure. He has such a low accountability at work.

3. Terry always gives excuses for his failure to objective circumstances instead of his own fault.

4. Terry always blames on internal procedures and policies and others’ performance for his own failure.

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