Performance review phrases – Critical thinking

Critical thinking is a high-order skill. It is not about thinking about a situation or a solution, but thinking about whether your determination is true, false or either or neither. It is more about “thinking about thinking” rather than “thinking about solution”. When a problem may have various meanings, critical thinking is required for you to be able to handle it.

You can use positive and negative performance review phrases as follows:

Critical thinking ability helps you:

• Identify the problems and decide which the most suitable solution is.
• Understand the importance and nature of the problem and which problem to be resolved first.
• Be able to collect proper details in relation to the job.
• Recognize the meaning and value of the situation.

Positive appraisal phrases on Critical thinking

  1. Johns always considers everything twice before acting.
  2. When choosing the course of action, Isabelle considers all the possible consequences.
  3. David demonstrates impressive strategic management skills when choosing the course of action.
  4. John responds very quickly to any situation. He always comes up with solutions in a duly manner of time.
  5. Lucy always comes up with appropriate solutions promptly.
  6. John always thinks twice before recommending his solution.
  7. Cory recognizes the value of the situation and still thinks critically.
  8. Kathleen always collects proper information before making a decision.
  9. George never rushes through decision-making process. He puts a premium on quality over speed.
  10. When making important decisions, Francesca remains calm and confident.
  11. Samantha brings amazing ideas to the table that benefit the entire company.
  12. Yvonne always responds to issues and finds the best solutions in a timely manner.
  13. Peter analyzes all the pros and cons of available solutions. He always makes the most optimal decisions.
  14. Trevor has developed many workable strategies to increase the company’s profits.
  15. Whenever non-standard problems arise, Logan’s team relies on his analytical skills.
  16. Helen willingly participates in decision-making process. She strives to share her ideas.
  17. With strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills, John can handle every problem very well.
  18. John has such a strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills that help him handle problems well.
  19. Katie is a vigorous and attentive person who is able to catch details missed by other employees.
  20. John considered pros and cons of a situation very carefully to work out the most suitable solution.
  21. John gives response quickly to any trouble situation. He always makes proper solutions on timely.
  22. Thanks to owning a strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills, John is not difficult to handle problems well.
  23. John always looks carefully at details of advantages and disadvantages of an opportunity to decide the best solution.
  24. Alfred processes information a structured manner with a great attention to details.
  25. John always thinks twice before saying. He is very careful and pays attention to every detail before making his decision.
  26. John can make sound reasoning statements and his critical thinking skill has helped us very much in negotiating contracts and resolving problems.

 Negative Appraise Phases on Critical Thinking

    1. Susan is not willing to use critical thinking skills.
    2. Nigel never likes solutions proposed by other employees. He has to become more open to new ideas.
    3. John never considers possible consequences of his decision.
    4. John makes his decision in a hasty way without much thinking.
    5. Bruce makes many mistakes due to the lack of analytical abilities.
    6. John is too hasty to make decision that he never thinks it carefully.
    7. Cindy creates long-term strategic plans but then fails to follow them.
    8. John does not appreciate highly his skills.
    9. Ron does not draw logical conclusions. He cannot deal with hard tasks because of that.
    10. Christina never considers what consequences her choices can bring.
    11. John always jumps to his conclusion before consulting others’ opinion.
    12. John is not very efficient decision-maker. He takes everything lightly and reviews briefly any document we give him. And his recommendations are ordinary with no creativity or innovation.
    13. John has never thought carefully before making decision for any work.
    14. John makes his decision without thinking of its potential consequences.
    15. Zachary has been caught off guard by market changes numerous times.
    16. In most cases, Aaron uses quick and ineffective solutions that do not require critical thinking.
    17. Quentin quickly jumps to conclusions without thinking through all the details.
    18. Vincent frequently omits vital details that damage the productivity of his team.
    19. Hayden fails to conduct a thorough research when dealing with difficult tasks.
    20. John acts without thinking of the possible consequences that he may face with.
    21. John very often does not show strong reasoning while making important decisions.
    22. Walter does not consider different perspectives, which leads to ineffective solutions.
    23. Tom does not allow subordinates to express their opinions and makes decisions all by himself.
  1. John cannot work out the most logical solution to a problem. His recommendations are mediocre only.
  2. William approaches every task with a great attention to details, but he often misses deadlines because of that.


The sample of performance review phrases for critical-thinking is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, an critical-thinking review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activity for your staffs.

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