Performance review phrases for critical thinking

Critical thinking is a high-order skill. It is not about thinking about a situation or a solution, but thinking about whether your determination is true, false or either or neither. It is more about “thinking about thinking” rather than “thinking about solution”. When a problem may have various meanings, critical thinking is required for you to be able to handle it.

You can use positive and negative performance review phrases as follows:

Critical thinking ability helps you:

• Identify the problems and decide which the most suitable solution is.

• Understand the importance and nature of the problem and which problem to be resolved first.

• Be able to collect proper details in relation to the job.

• Recognize the meaning and value of the situation.

Positive appraisal phrases on Critical thinking

• John always thinks twice before recommending his solution.

• John has such a strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills that help him handle problems well.

• John considered pros and cons of a situation very carefully to work out the most suitable solution.

• John responds very quickly to any situation. He always comes up with solutions in a duly manner of time.

• Johns always considers everything twice before acting.

• With strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills, John can handle every problem very well.

 Negative Appraise Phases on Critical Thinking

• John makes his decision in a hasty way without much thinking.

• John never considers possible consequences of his decision.

• John makes his decision without thinking of its potential consequences.

• John is too hasty to make decision that he never thinks it carefully.

• John cannot work out the most logical solution to a problem. His recommendations are mediocre only.

• John always jumps to his conclusion before consulting others’ opinion.

• John acts without thinking of the possible consequences that he may face with.

• John has never thought carefully before making decision for any work.

• John does not appreciate highly his skills.

The sample of performance review phrases for critical-thinking is a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. Note that, an critical-thinking review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activity for your staffs.

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