Performance review mentoring phrases

Mentoring is a relationship in which a highly skilled employee helps and supports a less knowledgeable colleague. In the workplace, mentoring involves such things as teaching, counseling and delivering feedback to a junior worker. On this page, you will find a bunch of positive and negative review phrases for mentoring that will help you conduct an effective performance appraisal.

Positive phrases

  1. Terry is very helpful to mentor entry-level members to get used to their jobs.
  2. Terry can be a great mentor as he is very helpful to new members.
  3. Terry demonstrates high qualification in internal policies and standards which is deemed a necessary requirement of an effective mentor.
  4. Jessica appreciates the accomplishments of her subordinates and recognizes their contributions.
  5. Clyde is a reliable employee who strives to share the company’s corporate culture and history with new workers.
  6. Dennis can explain the vision and strategies of the company to any employee.
  7. Maria maintains open communication among all members of her team.
  8. Stan gives understandable instructions and constructive feedback to his team.
  9. Rachel is a very talented mentor, respected by all the other employees.
  10. When it comes to mentoring new staff members, Craig is an indispensable employee.
  11. Clara is not afraid to take responsibilities for her subordinates.
  12. Robert is willing to share his rich knowledge and experience with junior workers.
  13. Susan creates a culture of open dialogue, building a pleasant work environment for new staff members.
  14. Gregory is a true servant-leader, who is always ready to support his colleagues.
  15. Jane builds the atmosphere that rewards enthusiasm and diligence of other staff members.
  16. Peter never forgets to recognize his mentees for their great work.
  17. Kate is a fantastic mentor who is very helpful to junior workers.
  18. Mark actively demonstrates knowledge of the company’s standards and policies, which makes him a highly effective mentor.
  19. Arnold demonstrates excellent communication skills, which is one of the key qualities of a good mentor.
  20. Violet is very effective at providing guidance to new staff members.
  21. Tony provides members of his team with valuable information, beneficial to their development.
  22. Emma motivates her subordinates to take responsibility for their decisions.
  23. Tom inspires other members of the team to meet the company’s goals.
  24. Ron is always open to new learning practices in order to improve his mentoring skills.
  25. Abigail is capable of mentoring the team despite any difficulties.
  26. Jake understands that every employee is unique. He strives to find the best approach to every mentee.
  27. Hayden has always been receiving positive feedback from her subordinates. She is a very helpful mentor with many years of experience.
  28. Monica is open to listening to her team members. She is willing to experiment with new mentoring techniques.
  29. Joey empowers new employees to take initiative.

Negative phrases

  1. Terry fails to explain the procedures to his subordinates clearly. He lacks the qualification of an effective mentor.
  2. Terry expects everyone know the regulations and procedures but never gives them any mentoring.
  3. Terry is easy to get frustrated with new members and neglect to offer any support.
  4. Terry is impatient and unhelpful.
  5. Greg is a capable mentor, but he does not show appreciation for good performance, making his mentees frustrated.
  6. Maria expects all the other team members to know the company standards and never gives junior workers any mentoring.
  7. Jane is easily annoyed with new employees. She does not even try to offer them any support.
  8. Maria lacks communication skills. She has to improve them — otherwise, she will not become an effective mentor.
  9. Jennifer is very impatient. She cannot perform well when working with less experienced colleagues.
  10. Hayden does not treat all her mentees the same. She has to stop playing favorites.
  11. Vladimir is a very experienced employee but he fails to empower his mentees. He needs to learn to step back at the right time.
  12. Clara is a highly reliable employee but she is very bad at mentoring. She does not help new employees to develop their own vision.
  13. Vanessa does not trust new employees and forces them to do what she thinks is right. It adversely affects her mentees’ confidence.
  14. Clyde judges and devalues new employees. He has to display a more positive attitude in order to become a mentor.
  15. Rachel underestimates new hires, which affects their self-confidence in a negative way.
  16. Jake supports new employees, but he does not want to learn new mentoring techniques.

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