Performance review marketing analyst


Performance review marketing analyst

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You can do performance review of Marketing analyst based on competencies below:

I. Marketing analyst skills

1. Conversant with report writing, business procedures and project management.

2. Develop and strengthen good relationship and cooperation with senior executives.

3. Have ability of leadership, strong time management and organization skills.

4. Possess skills in solving problems, strong judgment in business and data manipulation.

5. Give recommendation for planning and strategic methods.

6. Fluently in using computers and comprehensive knowledge of reporting software and business intelligence.

7. Strong verbal and written communication skills.

8. Get self-working motivation and high enthusiasm in work.

II. Soft/management skills

You can ref more review phrases samples of Marketing analyst competencies below by clicking links that you want to:

1. Goals-setting

2. Management style

3. Interpersonal skills

4. Dependability

5. Cooperation

6. Attitude

7. Initiative

8. Creativity

9. Teamwork

10. Problem solving

11. Critical-thinking

12. Quality of work

13. Communication

14. Time management

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