performance review letter


performance review letter
In this post, you can ref useful information about performance review letter. You can ref more materials for performance review letter such as: performance review methods, performance review forms… at the end of this post.
I. Contents of performance review letter
Employee reviews are documents that discuss an employee’s performance in the workplace, both as an individual worker and as a team player for the company. The document is a letter that both describes the positive work the employee has done and outlines issues that the employee may need to work on. This letter is typically discussed with the employee during a review interview, after the employee has read it through.
o        Employee reviews in letter format should include the title and department of the worker, the name of the evaluator and the position he holds in relation to the employee. The letter should also include the date of the review, the date of the last review and the names of additional individuals participating in the review process.
Positive Feedback
o        The review letter should recognize the positive actions and achievements he has accomplished while working with the company. A review focuses on both the positives and negatives, so include any positive appraisal the employee deserves. The positive factors are often presented first in the review letter. For example, thank the employee for working late nights three weeks in a row in order to finish a specific project before a deadline.
Address Complaints
o        The employee review letter should include a list of things that the employee needs to work on or things that have been brought to the administrator’s attention from other workers. List the dates of specific incidents related to the complaints, if possible. A written list can help the employee determine how to approach the improvements or changes. For example, the employee may need to cut down her lunch breaks, if they extend beyond the company’s allotted time. The employer could suggest eating lunch somewhere close to the office or in the company’s cafeteria, if applicable.
Suggesting Improvements
o        Since the employee review letter has a list of complaints or areas that need to be addressed, the evaluator should be open to providing advice to an employee to improve performance. The review letter should offer suggestions to help the employee implement changes. For example, if the employee has received several complaints about showing up late for work, the remedy could be that he arrive 15 minutes before everyone else in order to show

II. Useful materials for performance review letter
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