Performance review key words


Performance review key words
In this post, you can ref useful information about performance review key words. You can ref more materials for performance review key words such as: performance review methods, performance review forms… at the end of this post.
I. Contents of performance review key words
A self performance review is an evaluation of yourself as an employee, either meant to help you obtain a job or to tell your employer how you feel you are doing at your current job. An effective self appraisal can be a tool for promotion or a raise if written using clear, effective language that conveys your strengths in the workplace.

Words Showing Creativity

o        Many employers look for employees who have strong ideas. This suggests to them that you are someone who will be good in a position where being creative is an asset. Some of the words to use in a self performance review to convey your creativity are “initiated,” “developed,” “designed,” “pioneered,” “created” and “originated.” Example: “Designed and implemented a structured plan of action for a new payroll system.”

Words Showing Leadership Skills

o        Taking charge in a workplace can be a beneficial talent. Use words like “spearheaded,” “led,” “nurtured,” “managed,” “monitored” and “recruited” to show your ability to lead coworkers. Example: “Managed coworkers in an office environment and delegated jobs according to employee proficiency.”

Words Showing Teamwork

o        Fitting in as a part of a team can be an important asset to being an effective employee. Use “co” in front of words like “wrote,” “developed,” “authored” and “designed.” Use phrases like “helped achieve,” “assisted coworkers” and “worked with” to show your team-playing abilities.

Words Showing Organizational Skills

o        Being well-organized is something many employers look for in an employee. Words like “organized,” “structured,” “restructured,” “arranged” and “streamlined” are effective words for showing your organizational skills. Example: “Streamlined a system for training new employees in company policies.”

II. Useful materials for performance review key words
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