Performance review judgment phrases

Performance review phrases for Judgment phrases.

1. Positive phrases

• Terry can make sound judgments to consider the most suitable solution to a problem.

• Terry knows to apply appropriate knowledge and information source to make sound decisions.

• Terry is a fair decision-maker;

• Terry doesn’t let cloud cover his viewpoint in facing with a problem.

• Terry can maintain calmness and cool-head in dealing with problems.

• Terry can be very persuasive with his sound arguments.

• Terry is a fact-based decision maker.

• In determining immediate actions, Terry is still able to maintain his objective judgment.

2. Negative phrases

• It is not a common thing with Terry to consider all the facts to make decision.

• Terry is more of an emotion-based decision maker.

• Terry fails to make a sound judgment.

• Terry doesn’t consult the ideas of others and may subject to subjective judgment.

• Terry cannot handle pressure well and therefore, he tends to make quick decisions that are normally not the best.


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