Performance review improvement phrases

Performance review phrases for needs improvement phrases examples.

1. The necessity of improvement areas:

– There is no perfect employee and one must frequently work hard to improve oneself to develop his/her career path. Companies know this and require their employees to set their specific areas of improvement and shall consider these areas very carefully in the performance review;

– Therefore, an employee should state his/her expected areas of improvement so that those do not influence negatively on their jobs;

– Each company specializes in certain areas and they normally offer rewards for employees’ excellent performance in such areas. Also, their HR policies tend to focus on such areas to train their employees and more appreciate those in performance review. Therefore, including such improvement areas is very important;

2. Improvement areas:

Usually, there are several areas that require most employees to perform well. And so, there are improvement areas that are common to everyone:

– Group work skill: The larger the organization is, the more important group work skill will be. And as a result, the more necessary it is for the employee to improve this skill of theirs. Learning to work in a matrix structure, who to report to, who to delegate to and who to cooperate with, the employees have to be fluent at these.

– Soft skills: presenting, communication, or problem-solving skills are required for every employees. They are the indicators of how professional you are to your job;

– Knowledgeable about internal systems: This is another improvement area that every employee should focus on. To be able to do the job better, one must understand his/her own organization to work cooperatively and effectively within it. So, one should learn everything about the internal systems of the organization;


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