Performance review phrases – Improvement

Performance review is a great way to push an employee in the right direction. Using the right improvement phrases, you can help your worker to become more productive.

Positive Appraise Phrases on improvement

  1. John is able to use time wisely in order to meet deadlines and always remains productive.
  2. Jessica is always open to changes and new ideas.
  3. Marcus is able to be adaptable, therefore, highly productive and useful for the company.
  4. James has excellent communication skills, which give him an opportunity to work in the team, and keeps a positive attitude even in difficult situations.
  5. Well-developed interpersonal communication skills allow Theodore to be more effective at team meetings and maintain a healthy workplace environment.
  6. Susan is able to assess different scenarios and come up with new ideas in order to perform tasks in the most efficient ways.
  7. Flora is able to keep her team focused and motivated. It helps everyone to be fully engaged in his or her work and achieve fantastic results.

Negative appraisal phrases on improvement

Nobody is perfect. That is why even your best employees should be working on improving themselves. Thanks to performance appraisals, you can make your workers to set specific improvement areas. Here are just a few performance feedback examples that might help you to do it:

  1. John is terrible at time management. He should learn to manage his schedule.
  2. Maria is easily distracted at work. She must be more focused and engaged.
  3. Peter cannot handle increased workload. He has to get better at working under pressure.
  4. Jennifer does not research solutions and fails to generate new ideas. She has to learn to think outside the box.
  5. Clark shows a lack of communication with his colleagues. He needs to become a better listener to his teammates.


1. The necessity of improvement areas:

– There is no perfect employee and one must frequently work hard to improve oneself to develop his/her career path. Companies know this and require their employees to set their specific areas of improvement and shall consider these areas very carefully in the performance review;

– Therefore, an employee should state his/her expected areas of improvement so that those do not influence negatively on their jobs;

– Each company specializes in certain areas and they normally offer rewards for employees’ excellent performance in such areas. Also, their HR policies tend to focus on such areas to train their employees and more appreciate those in performance review. Therefore, including such improvement areas is very important;

2. Improvement areas:

Usually, there are several areas that require most employees to perform well. And so, there are improvement areas that are common to everyone:

– Group work skill: The larger the organization is, the more important group work skill will be. And as a result, the more necessary it is for the employee to improve this skill of theirs. Learning to work in a matrix structure, who to report to, who to delegate to and who to cooperate with, the employees have to be fluent at these.

– Soft skills: presenting, communication, or problem-solving skills are required for every employees. They are the indicators of how professional you are to your job;

– Knowledgeable about internal systems: This is another improvement area that every employee should focus on. To be able to do the job better, one must understand his/her own organization to work cooperatively and effectively within it. So, one should learn everything about the internal systems of the organization;

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