Performance review goals


Performance review is not only an important process to the effectiveness of a company, it is also a tool to develop each individual in a professional manner. Any company will set specific goals for their employees while requiring them to set goals themselves. By achieving both sets of goals, the company and the employees will both be satisfied. Performance review conducted by the company or employee shall measure the accomplishment level of such goals. Such a review shall also help the employees find out their weaknesses and improve them for a better performance.

So, how do you conduct a review on your performance at work? How do you wish your performance would be? What are your performance review goals.? To further develop? Or to correct your weaknesses? Either way, you have to answer the following questions:

1. Which performance at work do you need to develop/improve?

2. How do you do to develop your performance in a certain area?

3. Do you think you are not well trained enough for a task?

4. Is your manager helpful to enhance your performance?

5. What training activities should you take part in?

How do you think of these questions? Think and set your goals that are suitable to those answers, and keep sticking to those goals to develop your performance.

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