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One can find use of these phrases in a performance evaluation report. A performance appraisal is carried out in small as well as multinational organizations, at least once every year. The phrases try to express an employee’s outlook towards his work, company, and his behavior at work. They also try to comment on an employee’s leadership and team building qualities, time management and punctuality, professionalism, communication skills, and stress management ability. The process also takes into consideration what makes an employee’s soul cringe or soar. All this information helps the authorities in employee management, motivation and in arranging, if necessary, appropriate training programs to increase the effectiveness of the organization.

Big corporations and multinational companies employ hundreds or thousands of workers. In some organizations, a review is carried out twice a year. Individuals working in HRA department of such companies, eventually exhaust their repertory of phrases. The following are some sample comments to stop the reviews from being repetitious.

Positive Appraisal

Sarah is a super-efficient team player. She has not only shown that it takes hard work and not just brains to achieve goals, but is also eager to help her team members acquire this trait as well.
Tom, individually, is a dependable performer and manages his staff properly when it comes to the lunch schedule and office breaks.
Craig has really put a lot of effort in being punctual this year. He hasn’t come in late to the office, to this date.
Kevin, even though he took charge of his team only a short while ago, already knows the importance of downplaying negative aspects and how to keep highlighting the positive; the team has done remarkably well.
Written communication has always been John’s forte. Now, as a team leader, he has shown a great improvement in (verbal) communication with his team members.
Due to the position of the company in the market in the past six months, almost everyone has been under tremendous pressure. Robin is amongst those who have stood firm, and hasn’t lost sight of his team’s goal. No wonder his team has performed so well in the past year.
Lee is quick in getting to the heart of the problem when it comes to identifying the root cause. This helps him in managing multiple projects at the same time, while performing quite well every single time.
Luke really knows how to prioritize small-term and long-term goals.
Jerry is a gem and knows the value of time. He is like the diplomat, who thinks twice before doing nothing.
Ronnie is the faith-keeper of his team. They look up to him as a positive thought generator. He never loses sight of his goal.
Melinda appears to be the mother-hen of the team, but nobody has ever complained about it. She is a consistent performer, a great task scheduler, and has a no-quitter approach while solving problems.
Don is like a good software that offers seamless backward compatibility. No technical problem is difficult to solve, for he knows the technology that we employ inside-out, and keeps himself informed with up-to-date changes.

Negative Appraisal

Jim must do something to improve his attendance record. He also has a problem in working within teams.
John is a sharp worker when things run smoothly. Under stress, he loses efficiency and tends to choose improper words while communicating with fellow employees.
Andre knows that talking about some of the issues that are not related to work, distracts his coworkers. He should try to focus on work rather than unofficial matters.
It has been observed that David has not put his heart into creating an honest and open work environment for his team. He should look into creating a team-centered environment for team’s success.
Tim is always looking for ways to discover new, fulfilling things. This really causes a problem when there is a time-tested way of doing a particular thing.
Holly needs to hone her planning skills. Her team has shown displeasure at the unorganized way she conducts meetings.
Tim sees only the bright side of a problem, making his evaluations come off as biased.
In face-to-face confrontations with his clients, Neo is an average performer, but when it comes to handling a client’s objections over the phone, he isn’t competent enough to handle it.

Attendance and Punctuality: Positive Feedback

There is no attendance problem for the team led by Jim. His team members always feature in the list of on-time arrivals.
Bob is not one of those who deviate from the standard attendance policy. He starts his workday on time.
Luke steers his staff through a heavy schedule without an attendance problem. ‘Team Luke’ is reliable.
Kevin knows adhering to standards of punctuality and attendance is important. He is prompt with his attendance, lunch, and break timings.
Greg has no problem with his team, and starts and ends his meetings on time.

Attendance and Punctuality: Negative Feedback

John, though he follows an admirable work schedule, gets carried away with his off-site breaks. He more often than not comes late, thus disrupting employees upon arrival.
Adam needs to effectively deal with his staff’s problem of being unpunctual, and sticking to the standard schedule. Personally, he is punctual and rarely finds it hard not to follow company standards.
Benedict is a fine worker, but unfortunately, he does not know the meaning of punctuality. This shortcoming must be addressed immediately.
Frank hasn’t come to the office on time for the last 3 months. He must improve or face termination.
Dolly finds it difficult to keep pace with the day’s schedule, which affects her team meetings and her coworkers.
Despite many warnings and intimations to stick to the attendance policy, Ricordo hasn’t taken the initiative to come to the office on time.

Sample Reviews

Jenny, with her constant search for new ideas and ways to improve the effectiveness of her team, is a good team leader.
Stephen is very adept at keeping the ball rolling during a brainstorming session. It is no wonder his team is creative and handles problems imaginatively.
Polly is well-versed with handling a number of new concepts at a time. She is a constant source of solutions to complex problems.
William is a problem solver. While brainstorming, he can keep track of different angles to a problem and inspires even a non-creative coworker to come up with a solution.
Sara is reputed for coming up with a solution when her team is in a tight spot.
Danny, though an imaginative person, leans toward acting first before thoroughly examining the problem. This causes his team to get involved with an untested idea and to lose time.
David has a tendency of being detail-oriented, and finds it hard to appreciate creative ideas.
Manny struggles with coming up with ‘out of the box’ solutions, and isn’t open to handling ideas proposed by his team members.
Roxanna discourages an imaginative approach to a problem from her staff. This completely nullifies the idea of brainstorming.
Mike, though he knows that not all problems can be solved by being practical, finds it difficult to come up with creative solutions. He leans towards asking for help which in a way disturbs the rhythm of his team members.

The purpose of this activity, conducted by the human resource department, is to let the employee be aware of his own strengths and weaknesses. This helps him understand how he is an asset to his company, and which of his qualities are a hindrance to his own progress. On the other hand, an individual can take initiative and use these comments or phrases to evaluate himself and identify habits to get rid of or the qualities to improve. The process is not easy, as the phrases used in the report need to be very appropriate to correctly summarize an employee at work. The individual who is evaluating an employee must take care that the phrases used aren’t demeaning or demoralizing.

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