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Is the process of setting goals difficult for you? Perhaps you have trouble setting goals on the job. Or maybe you just don’t ever get around to setting goals that are relevant to your personal career. You’re not alone. Many administrative assistants and executive assistants are stymied by goal setting.
And so are some of their bosses when it comes to helping them to set goals. Often difficulty with setting goals for administrative assistants and executive assistants becomes apparent during a performance evaluation process. Both parties sometimes have “writer’s block” when it comes time to complete that section called “goals for next year” (or something similar).
One reason is that managers use goals with all of their employees to measure job performance (and that’s just one use of goals). But sometimes they think administrative professionals have hard-to-measure jobs or job aspects. The good news is that’s not quite true since the job itself or the job aspect isn’t really a goal.
So you have the manager mentally labeling the administrative professional position as a hard-to-measure job. Likewise, the administrative assistant or executive assistant believes that she or he repeats similar, sometimes even mundane, tasks year after year in her daily duties, and so she feels hard-pressed to set a “unique” goal. Is that you, or an administrative professional that you work with or supervise?
Perhaps you have been on the job for decades even and contriving another goal seems worse than hard. It seems impossible. After all, what’s left to do when you’ve done it all and seen it all?
The truth is that all of the above is simply a mindset, quite often shared by both the manager and the administrative professional. However, it’s a mindset that can be changed by going back to the basics and reviewing what exactly constitutes a goal and the goal-setting process.
Or if you’ve never been briefed on goal setting to begin with, then that could be the answer to your goal-setting dilemma. There is a methodology to goal setting. In fact, there is more than one methodology for goal setting. Not everyone realizes this. Once you know the procedure, you’ll find goal setting to be a lot easier.
Plus goal setting involves a lot more than just the goals you write on your annual written performance appraisal. And rightfully so because goal setting can be used year round on the job and to get you where you want to go in your career.

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