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When you write performance comments, you can use performance review phrases examples as below. Apart from that, you also ref: List of performance review phrases

1. Attendance and punctuality performance review phrases

Attendance and punctuality are ones of important factors to evaluate an employee performance but you must notice that two of these factors are also sensitive issues to any employees as they usually don’t like debating on their lateness at work or spending too much time on lunch or break. However, it is careful for the manager of a firm to use performance appraisal properly to have solution for these matters.

Positive review phrases

• Kelly always expresses performance of punctuality at the start of each work day.
• Bill manages his employees to a great attendance score which shows frequency among the top performers in the company for on-time arrivals.
• Instead of showing who works the longest, Lenny’s demonstration is to rely on the secret to success of who works the smartest. It is because Lenny is also one of top employees for attendance and reliability.
• It is appreciated highly for Kylie who consistently on-time and runs a tight ship, to set the standard for schedules on her team.
• Bill pays attention to manage his schedule and to work well with time scheduled to him during the week.
• Phil appreciates his employees who express respect for him in compliance with schedule and tasks.

Negative review phrases

• Tim has not good habit is to arrive late and not take weather and traffic into account for his schedule during the winter months.
• Kyle uses most of the time to perform his schedule reliably and continues to improve his punctuality although we occasionally have an issue.
• About Harry, he has never taken 20 minutes each morning to make a cup of coffee and talk about the previous night’s partying. Instead of this, he always needs to be ready to work on at his desk on time each day.
• Other employees feel unpleased to Paul who affects them when their shifts are ending. Because he demonstrates disrespects them by showing up late from time to time.
• Greg has an unhurried attitude when it comes to attendance. That impacts negatively on his fellow employees.

2. Attitude performance review phrases

Companies consider attitude as the most important criteria to appraise employees’ performance in customer services. A good attitude of employees will further enhance the quality of customer services while a poor attitude will cause a bad customer experience. Customers will easily forgive mistakes that sale agents made if they have a good attitude to customers. Quality of products is the leading criteria but the customers may not need to be goodwill to buy them if you have a poor attitude. So performance appraisal on each employee’s attitude must be carefully considered in order to decide wage rate for him/her.

Positive review phrases

• John continues to talk negatively in relation to projects or tasks that he assigned.
• He always shows a negative attitude towards getting his work done.
• His poor attitude is influence on his work performance.
• His boss is displeased with his negative attitude.

Negative review phrases

• John is always happy to receive new project and willing and eager to learn new things.
• He always smiles when coming to work and gives off a positive vibe to his team members.
• He has willingness to help out when needed even if the means working overtime or weekends.

3. Communications performance review

In any working environment, communication is very important and necessary factor that requires ways as online, verbal or written communication. But it is crucial to use which kind of communication and how to perform it. Effective communication in the workplace will bring positive to each employee’s work performance. The annual review should reflect this by using performance reviews phrases that reflect the positive qualities of his/her ability to interact with colleagues as well as customers.

Positive review phrases

• John has effective communication skills in both verbal and written language.
• Thanks to John’s good communication skills, his team members are pleased to work with him.
• He has good attitude by speaking very friendly and openly with others. So everyone wants to make good relationship with him.

Negative review phrases

• John shows appearance in front of crowd with shyness and ineffectiveness.
• John’s message is easily mistaken by others due to his lack of communication skills.
• John often fails to meet effective way in communicating with his team members.

4. Cooperation performance review

You need to stress cooperation in job performance because it is a decisive factor to the efficiency in working. Most jobs require the cooperation which becomes an integral part of the organization culture and may be the simple action when you share information with colleagues at the office or help them do their assignments. Therefore, all employees and employers must work relying on cooperation attitude.

Positive review phrases

• George helps building a good relationship between his staff members to foster a team first environment.
• Fred inspires his fellow co-workers to work and attract them to enjoy working environment around him.
• Tyler is proficient in bringing together teams of people around a common goal.
• Randy can form effective teams because of his excellence at any project.
• William is considered a precious asset because he may work effectively with other teams and departments.
• About Ryan, he never makes us disappointed with what he done for us whenever we get trouble. Ryan can bring different groups of people together.

Negative review phrases

• Janet is considered an ineffective team member. She should improve over the next several months in her teamwork skills.
• Jennifer is too cautious member. She feels so afraid of confronting with work challenges that she always need assistance from others.
• Though a time Tim seems very helpful, it’s too much – he does not know when to say “no” to a request.
• Lenny does not want his staff to help other departments. She refuses any requirement for help from them.
• Walter also refuses to assist others in their times of need.
• Fred does express his interest in his workplace as a “team” environment and too frequently wants to “go it alone” on projects.
• Ben does not meet commitment of his team in cooperation with organizational goals.

5. Creativity, pro-active traits and innovation performance review

The entire of employees are encouraged to make creativity or pro-active attitude within the workplace, which will enhance the productivity of groups of people in the whole departments. Initiative in working can increase dedication and loyalty for each employee. Therefore, it is also important to have creative management techniques for work motivation and rewarding team members.

Positive review phrases

• Terry has a unique imagination and creates some of the most innovative things we have known.
• Bill always knows how to bring his team members a creative working environment to get work motivation.
• Ryan owns a kill to take creative ideas with effective solutions.
• Creating new and innovative solutions to common problems is John’s strength.
• Harry motivates his teammates to think outside of the box and to be more creative with solutions.
• Paul is proficient in extracting unique ideas out of people in meetings but not at all situations.

Negative review phrases

• Frank has a tendency to be a matter-of-fact manager, but in his position, thinking in a more resourceful manner would do him well.
• Eve has not capability to work on issues beyond her skill set. So she has troubles in her career progression.
• Bob has not upheld his creative potential in job so far. He should strike a balance between being pragmatic and creative.
• Terry is conservative person; he does not listen to alternatives or ideas other than the ones he develops, which limits creativity of his team.

6. Critical thinking performance review

Critical thinking means making reasonable judgment based on actual details and your thinking process. It is more about “thinking about thinking” rather than “thinking about solution”. In critical thinking, you make judgment whether something is true, false or either or neither.

Positive review phrases

• Thanks to owning a strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills, John is not difficult to handle problems well.
• John always considers carefully situations to work out the most suitable solution.
• John gives response quickly to any trouble situation. He always makes proper solutions on timely.

Negative review phrases

• John makes his decision without thinking of its potential consequences.
• John has never thought carefully before making decision for any work.
• John has limit to work out the most logical solution to a problem. Everyone does not appreciate highly his skills.

7. Goal setting performance review

Goal setting is an indispensable kill for managers because it is very important to help them evaluate the amount of work for current and future orientation and reduce stress at work.

Positive review phrases

• John knows how to share his suitable feedback with his staff regarding their progress.
• John has excellent skills to holds himself accountable for his team’s performance objective and goals.
• John is good at setting clear and measurable performance expectations.

Negative review phrases

• John has not met his goals achievement because he does not have suitable assignment to his staff.
• John does not often focus on his work and try to reach his goals.
• John blames others for missed deadlines and objectives.
• John fails to achieve his goals that are sometimes pre-set.

8. Initiative performance review phrases

Employees who understands and is ready to do task without waiting for order, shows their initiative skills in work. The initiative is valuable motivation to any company and organization. An initiative employee owns the following characteristics:

– Motivation
– Undertaking any tasks without waiting for
– Doing the right thing in a right manner
– Being ready to ask questions necessary to complete job perfectively
– Undertaking more important tasks and making responsible for them
– Being dynamic and valuing time resource
– Being ready to do any job at any time (becoming a workaholic)

Positive review phrases

• John always takes responsibility for his area and their actions.
• John is keen on facing with challenging way and seeking to improve working environment.
• John always protects new ideas, objectives or tools.
• John strives to seek and take on new opportunities to promote his job.

Negative review phrases

• John has trouble doing his tasks when he does not receive help or supervision from others.
• John is negative to seek out new opportunities to learn and grow his job.
• John doesn’t create new ideas in his job, in contrast he wants to do things that have be done by others.

9. Interpersonal skills performance comments.

Interpersonal skill which is used to communicate and work well with people and work under high pressure, is appreciated as the most important soft skill by many companies. It is also a crucial skill to appraise each employee’s performance. The following will provide companies with appraisal phases for appraising interpersonal skills:

The interpersonal skills include:
• Excelling or showing promise with other employees, managerial or supervisory relations.
• Identifying the needs of others during routine and/or special projects.
• Being aware of how to create and/or raising positive working relationship with co-workers, clients, management and/or customers.
• Acting on impulse of harmony, communication, understanding, knowledge and/or policy appropriately.

Positive review phrases

• Tim always works hard and takes positive to inspire his co-workers to work more effectively.
• Bill always knows how to make the surrounding people comfortable.
• Greg is ready to have opened conservation with anybody. People around him all want to keep good relationship with him.
• In a hard paced environment, Ryan has ability to relate to people and motivate them handle great jobs, this explains why everyone respects him.
• Jim tries to work friendly and well with others to get good comments from them.

Negative review phrases

• Time is not good at understanding how crucial good working relationships with fellow team members are.
• Bob does not grasp the intricacies of managing relationships.
• John is an affable fellow, yet his strong personality turns off people around him.
• Other people do not want to relate to George because he does not work well with them.
• Peter’s strong personality has caused a rift on our team.
• John has an excellent impression among the management team, yet his team members cannot stand working with him.

10. Job knowledge performance review

Knowledge is one of three integral parts (Knowledge, Skill, and Ability) to evaluate an employee’s performance. In order to be able to evaluate job knowledge performance of an employee, a manager must know the typical descriptions of a person with good or bad knowledge about the job. The following provides several review phrases for the purpose of understanding how it is to be an employee with good and bad knowledge:

Positive review phrases

• John is a work-hard employee and willing to study the knowledge about the job and share everything with his team members.
• John has a potentially comprehensive knowledge to meet the job requirements and related skills.
• John is good at identifying the company’s products and special features of them.

Negative review phrases

• John fails to meet his duties because he does not know necessary knowledge about the job.
• John fails to meet first requirement of amount of knowledge about the job.
• John always asks for other’s instruction because he doesn’t even know the key fundamental of the job.

11. Leadership skills performance review

Leadership performance skill can be the main subject of certain performance review processes for managers, because it holds an important role as leadership of them. An employee can have leadership skill but not only a manager, when the employee is considered as a great asset to the company.

Positive review phrases

• Keep an open communication among employees;
• Recognize the accomplishment and contribution of employees;
• Motivate the employees to take responsibility for their action;
• Apply properly the resource in appropriate manner depending on the priority of assignment;
• Make a corporate culture of reliability and helpfulness;
• Make picture of the action plan of the employees;

Negative review phrases

• Ignore the policies of the company and tend to work by himself;
• Refuse to participate in discussion or meetings;
• Rarely show appreciation for a good-performance;
• Do not rely on his/her leadership instinct to manage others.

12. Management style

Management style plays an important and decisive role in business and activity management of a company. So in order to select an appropriate manager, employers need to take care of how is his/her management style that will decide whether he/she is worth of the position. There is a various ways of remarking a management style of a manager so that the employers can evaluate performance of manager, as follow:

Positive review phrases

• Kevin is the consummate professional and manages his staff with apparent ease. The reports show that his staffs are pleased with his management style.
• Paul’s management style has helped his team perform work well.
• Tim is a high performer and leads a team of high performers. His management style has brought effectiveness to this department.
• John will be considered a “player’s coach” because of his thoroughly understanding of his team and how to encourage them to gain high performance.
• Walter’s team highly appropriates his management style.
• People do not doubt Peter’s ability in his management by understanding how to supervise his employees to meet expectations.

Negative review phrases

• Bill is not good at managing employees. His employees consistently complaint of unreasonable expectations. Bill needs to improve his acceptance of a reasonable work personal life balance.
• Kyle is not excellent manager to supervise well performance of his employees. He doesn’t know how to motivate them for the effort to work.
• Bryan has not made the transition from co-worker to manager very well. It is difficult for him to separate his personal relationship with professional ones.
• Paul may be in “survival mode” without focusing on goals necessary to move his team forward, because he is not clever man to understand how to set team goals and manage his team for achievement.

13. Problem solving performance review

It is necessary for each person to have problem solving skill that is a highly intellectual-mental and cognitive process involving modeling the problem and combining various skills in dealing with a certain situation.

In addition, the problem solving is a fundamental skill of management and leadership of a manager. It goes along with decision making ability. Two of them may be improved and trained.

Positive review phrases

• Analyzing situation and then solving problems are both John’s strength.
• John carefully considers a problem, and it is not hard for him to seek out various solutions.
• John always puts a problem into careful examination, thinks it twice before making a proper decision.

Negative review phrases

• John has never got easy to work out a solution to any difficult problem.
• John is not familiar with facing any tense matter.
• When standing in front of a complex situation, John easily neglects his work.

14. Professionalism performance review

The professionalism performance means being dignified and respectful to customers and colleagues, as well as being well-informed about the requirements of the role. It is a fundamental skill to any customer.

Positive review phrases

• Have a professional dressing manner;
• Work honestly and reliably with others;
• Know how to motivate others to work well;
• Keep calm and ready to work under high pressure;
• Have a welcoming and friendly characteristics;

Negative review phrases

• Don’t know how to take measures to improve the performance;
• Come to work with a bad dressing manner;
• Be reluctant to responsibility and development;
• Has not ability to balance personal life and work;
• Don’t get keep honesty at work by giving wrong figures to confuse others;

15. Stress management performance review

In order to deal with goals, deadlines or pressures carefully from customers and staff through effective time management without any feelings of victimization, office politics or rude behavior, the important factor for a manager is to put stress management into performance.

Here are some performance review phrases need to reflect the individual’s ability to deal with stress effectively:

• He/she has a good capacity for control stress from high pressure customer situations as well as difficult workloads.
• He/she always expresses her composure even when others are losing theirs.
• He/she is good at managing crisis situations through effective leadership, logical thought and collaborative discussions on solutions.

16. Teamwork performance review

In order to own teamwork skill, members must know how to work together in joint effort toward a common goal of the group. Competition can be not avoided in teamwork but for improvement of effectiveness when working in team, it is necessary for each member to work in cooperation, of which the team leader keeps a key role in developing teamwork skill.

Positive review phrases

• Jack always attracts everyone by his ability to work well with them. He is one of those team members anyone would like to have on his/her team.
• Bill’s ability is suitable for our company with many teams. He is good at working with and understanding the team dynamics has been beneficial to the firm.
• Paul always makes a good working manner with others.
• Harry uses his management by putting his relationship a long with his coworkers, managers and employees in a professional manner.

Negative review phrases

• Ryan holds on to too much and doesn’t delegate to his team effectively.
• Bryan only takes care of accomplishing his own work with helping those members of his team.
• Walker is inconsistent in supporting his teammates.
• Peter was proficient in joining common work of his team, which helps him to get the position of supervisor but now he has not yet maintain those teamwork skill.
• Norman doesn’t fully grasp how to utilize his teammates to accomplish goals, but instead continually complains that no one will help him.

17. Time management performance review

The skill is used to manage better your own time during work performance according to the amount of hours each individual puts in. Using this skill will reflect levels of attendance in the workplace which is a sure sign of their loyalty and dedication to the work.

Positive review phrases

• Fran has good ability to deal with project deadlines and manage the time that leads to each deadline.
• Jim is good at planning out his work week, putting them into suitable plan with effective performance.
• Jenn doesn’t get trouble in managing multiple assignments and delivering them in a timely fashion.
• Greg always gives prominence to efficiency and productivity of his team.
• Tricia’s employees put all their faith in his good time and plan management style.

Negative review phrases

• Peter always gets difficult to accomplish his work because he doesn’t distinguish the difference between big tasks and small tasks. Instead of this, he only focuses on the low hanging fruit to the detriment of the projects that will move our team forward.
• Although Time was trained in time management he has not yet understood the process to manage his time.
• Fred brings trouble to his team regarding unorganized meetings. He needs to improve his planning skills to keep meetings on topic and on time.
• Jenny has not enough understanding to make schedule properly for maximum efficiency of employees.
• Todd’s time management skill has not fully put employees’ faith so he should learn more it.

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