Performance review checklist


Performance review checklist

1. The preparation of performance review

• Pay attention to the most important performance areas

• Make plan for potential developments such training and special projects.

• Categorize concentration areas for the purpose of setting goals for the coming review years.

• Help employees see advantages so that they can have plan of discussion.

• Come into discuss mutual understood expectations in accordance with job duties and standards.

• Monitor job performance result compared with mutual understood expectations.

• Note and keep records without relying on memory.

• Do not focus on some aspects of the job at the expense of other.

• Evaluate the background of each employee including skills, work experience and education.

2. The discussion of review

• Start discussion with honest, open-hearted and friendly performance.

• Understand to be evaluation of the discussion including come into dealing with problem and setting goals.

• Give explanation on the agenda for the meeting in detail.

• Talk about primary responsibilities of employees in the past. (The employees would receive a written summary of responsibilities). Review how the employee’s responsibilities are concerned about generally unit objectives.

• Give discussion about employee’s strengthens and development areas in five general performance categories.

• Speak of momentous achievements of employees in the past.

• Create possible way for performance advance.

• Discuss obstacle to efficient work performance and job satisfaction in the past.

• Establish goals and needs of employees in coming review years.

• Orient long-term development plans and goals for achievement.

• Discuss employee’s feedback/suggestions for supervisor.

• Discuss relevant problems that the employee or supervisor is interested in.

• Fill in review forms, as applicable.

3. The follow-up

• Right after putting the established plans into record, pointing requiring follow-up.

• Send a copy to the employees.

• Assess your performance result yourself. What I did well? Could have done better? Learned about the employee? Learned about myself?

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