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A performance appraisal includes information the employee and manager can use to create a career development plan for the employee. It targets skill-set deficiencies that can be corrected through training and focuses on attitude and approach adjustments necessary for success. It also lists employee accomplishments, which can act as models for ideal performance. A sample list of accomplishments for a performance appraisal will help you understand what positive information to include.

Performance Management

Performance management is the use of company goals to gauge an employee’s execution of job duties. Accomplishments in the performance management section of an employee appraisal include meeting or exceeding defined company goals, being part of a team that consistently achieves company benchmarks and working with management to create relevant departmental performance metrics.


Accomplishments in the area of teamwork are often used to help identify potential managerial candidates and can also be used to help determine which employees would be made team leads for important projects. Some accomplishments in teamwork to note are an ability to delegate responsibility, an ability to properly utilize the talents of group members and being recognized as a valuable resource for a team.


A reliable employee is a valuable asset to any company. Some accomplishments associated with a reliable staff member include maintaining perfect or near-perfect attendance, consistently arriving to work on time or ahead of schedule, maintaining the proper break and lunch schedule and performing tasks on or ahead of prescribed deadlines.

Notable Accomplishments

A comprehensive employee file includes as much relevant information about the employee’s performance as possible. Notable achievements are those accomplishments that brought notoriety to the company or the employee and were highlights of the employee’s exemplary performance. Some examples of notable accomplishments to put into an annual appraisal include company or industry awards the employee won, publications the employee’s work was in, high-profile projects the employee was part of, and any suggestions the employee gave that were used by the company to increase production or improve operations.

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