Performance management and review process


Performance management and review process
In this post, you can ref useful information about performance management and review process. You can ref more materials for performance management and review process such as: performance review methods, performance review forms… at the end of this post.
I. Contents of performance management and review process
Do your managers believe that your performance management process is efficient and effective? If not it may be because the process is disconnected from real business needs. Drake can diagnose what needs to be changed and can assist you to align the values and objectives of your company to the behaviours of your top performers.
Is your performance management system not working as well as you hoped? Perhaps managers have never been trained on giving feedback? Could it be that your performance reviews are based on ‘activities’ and skill sets that have nothing to do with achieving your business objectives? Maybe it is just too time consuming?
Drake Evolve is our performance management and appraisal tool which finds the weak points in your process and turns performance management into a valuable business tool.
The Drake Evolve performance management solution:
·                        Aligns the company’s objectives with the behaviours of its best employees
·                        Cuts down on complexity and time spent on the process
·                        Ensure clarity of work expectations and standards
·                        Trains managers in applying the performance management system
What is the end result?
With the Drake Evolve performance management solution, you receive:
·                        A simplified process customised to meet your specific needs
·                        An on-line system that saves time and makes data accessible
·                        Training and coaching for managers
·                        Supporting materials such as a career development guide, leader’s guide, employee’s guide and scorecard
How is it done?
First, Drake consultants meet with your leaders to analyse the needs of your company. The consultants then focus attention on the areas where your process is not meeting your expectations. Drake can even study your top performers to provide a model for managing the performance of other employees. Having completed the research, Drake consultants craft a customised performance management process and train your managers how to use it.
What is the payoff?
Performance management is so integral to a company’s success that there are many different payoffs. A good system means employees are working on the right things. It increases their motivation, productivity and ultimately your retention rates. It rewards good performers and weeds out bad ones. It allows you to communicate how to change direction when the business environment changes.
Elevate your performance management process to a relationship, productivity and behaviour modification tool that will drive positive change, development of core competencies and bottom line results.
II. Useful materials for performance management and review process
• 11 performance appraisal methods
• Top 28 performance appraisal forms
300+ performance review phrases
If you need more materials for performance review, please leave your comments.
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