Performance appraisal review

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Results-oriented performance appraisal plans are central to linking individual accountability to organizational outcomes to build a high performance organization. OPM Consultants can provide internal reviews to help agencies ensure that their performance management plans are compliant with Human Capital Accountability Assessment Framework (HCAAF) and Performance Appraisal Assessment Tool (PAAT ) requirements. These plan reviews encompass SES, SL/ST, and GS or equivalent performance appraisal plans. The performance plan appraisal review process includes three “pass” reviews of individual performance plans with specific feedback on criteria specified in the PAAT, general briefings to managers and human resources officials, and one-on-one consultation with appraisal plan holders if needed.

First-Pass Performance Plan Review

OPM Consultants evaluate performance plans against criteria specified in the PAAT and indicate a rating of met/not met for each requirement. For items rated ‘not met,’ OPM Consultants provide specific commentary describing why requirements were not met so that the agency’s SES, SL/ST, or GS or equivalent and HR personnel can revise the plans appropriately.

General Briefings

Following the first-pass review, OPM Consultants can provide general briefings to the agency’s HR and SES, SL/ST, or GS or equivalent personnel to discuss the general themes found during the review. Briefings focus on overall findings of the group’s collective results, include a review of trends/themes for ‘met’/‘not met’ requirements and contain a discussion surrounding ‘not met’ requirements.

Second-Pass and Third-Pass Performance Plan Review

The agency makes corrections to Performance Plans based on the feedback from the first-pass review/briefing and re-submit to OPM for a second-pass review. The agency corrects second-pass plans rated ‘not-met’ on any requirement and re-submits corrected plans for a final, third-pass review. OPM Consultants utilize the same methodology for the second and third pass reviews as described in the First-Pass Performance Plan Review. OPM Consultants compare revised plans to the originals and provide specific commentary describing why requirements were not met based on changes from previous feedback.

Exemplary Performance Plan Review

After reviewing the Performance Plans OPM Consultants provide the top 10-15 exemplary plans. These exemplary plans will be chosen from the Performance Plans that pass review.

One-on-One Consultation

OPM Consultants provide one-on-one consultation with rating officials, executives, and supervisors regarding individual performance plans, with particular focus on writing results-focused measurable standards. Consultants go step-by-step through individual plans discussing HCAAF and PAAT requirements and make recommendations based on compliance criteria.

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