Performance Appraisal Phrases

Performance appraisal is a time-consuming and scrupulous process, which requires a thorough and detailed employee assessment. However, you should not abolish it since performance reviews are essential for company development. They help to fix trust issues, increase job performance and steer employees in the right direction. Additionally, performance reviews allow hiring managers to easily identify the best promotion candidates.
If you have never written performance appraisals before, you might have a hard time finding the perfect words to describe your employee. Fortunately, our handy examples can make your life easier. On this page, you will find both positive and negative review phrases for different topics. Do note that they should only serve as a guidance. Supplement them with relevant data about your employees to achieve the best results.

1. Accountability performance review phrases

Accountability is the ability of an individual to take responsibilities for their actions and face the outcomes. Accountable employees demonstrate understanding of the company’s goals and are always ready to take more responsibilities. Employees who blame others for their mistakes and do not want to deal with difficult tasks cannot be held accountable.

Positive phrases:
• Timothy is always willing to take responsibility for his team’s actions and work results.
• Marta understands the importance of deadlines and always performs her tasks in time.
• Greg is capable of recognizing his mistakes and is never afraid to face the consequences.
• Julia is very good at recognizing her mistakes and holds herself responsible for the outcome.
• Peter listens to the opinion of his team and never puts his own interests before those of the others.
Negative phrases:
• Delilah avoids difficult tasks.
• Greg lacks confidence and fails to deliver his point of view.
• Jennifer cannot deal with stress and often makes mistakes.
• Peter tends to shift responsibilities to other members of the team.
• Marta never accepts her mistakes and tries to think of excuses in case of any failure.
More examples for accountability

2. Adaptability performance review phrases

Adaptability is the personality trait that determines how an individual responds to change. It shows how good your employee can deal with unexpected situations. Adaptable employees never resist change but readily embrace it. They quickly get used to any environment and always remain calm and confident. Such people are more likely to meet the tight deadlines and complete difficult tasks.

Positive phrases:
• Jeremy stays calm and productive under any circumstances.
• Raymond acknowledges and recognizes any proposal for change.
• Sarah is quick in adapting to change in the performance of the duties.
• Sue is initiative at work by adopting appropriate methods to perform the duties.
• Jeremy is always aware of new effective approaches to apply to conducting businesses.
Negative phrases:
• Greg is not willing to perform new duties.
• Jake cannot handle sudden changes because of stress.
• Sophia is not able to focus on multiple tasks at once.
• Rita becomes overly nervous after sudden plan changes.
• Henry gets very upset and unproductive when things are not going according to plan.
More examples for adaptability

3. Appearance/Hygiene performance review phrases

Appearance is the physical appearance of the employee at work. It includes such factors as cleanliness, neatness, grooming and accordance with the dress code policy of the company.

Positive phrases:
• Jeremy has a perfect sense of style and always looks professional.
• She has an exquisite sense of style when it comes to choosing work attire.
• Alan has a very welcoming character and everyone in the office likes him.
• Sara presents herself well, so she always makes a great first impression.
• Sam is always dressed in business attire, which makes his appear more trustworthy to our clients.
Negative phrases:
• Greg does not follow the grooming standards of the company.
• Marta’s appearance does not project an image of professionalism.
• Sometimes Greta shows up at work with uncombed hair and bad makeup.
• James often breaks the company’s dress code by wearing overly vulgar attires.
• Hayden wears revealing clothes that distract other employees from focusing on the work.
More examples for appearance / hygiene

4. Attendance and punctuality performance review phrases

Employees are required to be punctual at work. Their attendance can indicate whether they like his job or not and if they are lazy. No boss will like an employee who always turns up late at work, no matter how talented he is. Therefore, attendance appraisal is very necessary, though it is not a good idea to mention this during a lunch or break time. As a manager, you should choose the right moment and right phrases for your employees. That is critical.

Positive phrases:
• Harry never misses work without prior notifications.
• Rachel completes all her tasks within the set deadlines.
• Heather is such a reliable employee that we never see her turn up late at work.
• Bill always complies well with our rules of attendance and break. He is attentive and very careful.
• Greg has improved much his punctuality in this year. Well, we can forget about check his attendance now.
Negative phrases:
• Tamara often fails to call in sick.
• Alfred’s attendance leaves much to be desired.
• John always takes breaks longer than he is allowed.
• Rachel frequently takes long breaks and misses team meetings.
• It seems that Ryan doesn’t pay attention to or respect our attendance policy.
More examles for attendance and punctuality

5. Attitude performance review phrases

Among factors to consider in performance appraisal, many people deem attitude the most important one. This is especially correct for an employee, as an employee with good attitude will be very useful in working with customers and getting on well with everyone in the team. On the other hand, in fact, poor service attitude is the factor damaging the most of a company’s reputation. No matter how good your products are, bad service attitude will only drive your customer away. So, this factor should be considered the most carefully in a performance appraisal.

Positive appraisal:
• Hayden is a cordial person who is always happy to help.
• Peter gets gloomy very rarely. He is a real pleasure to deal with.
• Jeremy looks for ways to assist other people even in the most difficult situations.
• John is always happy to receive new project and willing and eager to learn new things.
• He always smiles when coming to work and gives off a positive vibe to his team members.
Negative appraisal:
• Emma criticizes her colleagues too often.
• His poor attitude is influence on his work performance.
• Ben fails to keep a positive attitude in tense situations.
• He always shows a negative attitude towards getting his work done.
• Ronald is very snobbish. Other employees do not like to work with him.
More examples for attitude

6. Collaboration performance review phrases

Collaboration in the workplace is vital for any company. Employees should be able to work together in order to successfully accomplish common goals. That is why you have to consider cooperation skill while conducting appraisals. Useful review phrases listed below will help you to do that.

Positive appraisal:
• George works well on teams.
• Jack respects other members of the team, including new employees.
• Gabriel is equally great at working both independently and on a team.
• If Leonardo sees that his co-worker does not cope with their responsibilities, he always helps them.
• Walter is the leader of the group he has created. He gives tasks that are suitable for each of his teammates.
Negative appraisal:
• He has to learn to be more constructive and less destructive.
• Leonardo never helps his co-workers, even when they ask him to.
• She never helps other members of the team even if they ask her to.
• Nathaniel has not become a part of the group even after his boss required it.
• Jonathan got much advice for his work, but he is not open to ideas of his co-workers.
More examples for collaboration

7. Commitment performance review phrases

• Elisabeth does not take a break until she finishes the job. She is a result-oriented person.
• Sandra is self-motivated and strives to complete all the tasks on time.
More examples for commitment

8. Communications performance review phrases

Workplace nowadays requires very much from an effective communication, whether for a brick-n-store, online or market-place position, and whether verbal or written. This is also a criterion to be reflected in the performance appraisal. In this regard, communication with customers and with other colleagues should be paid more attention.

Positive appraisal:
• Brenda makes us surprised at her communication skills.
• John has effective communication skills in both verbal and written language.
• Jane has such a talent that she can communicate very well in six kinds of language.
• Thanks to John’s good communication skills, his team members are pleased to work with him.
• We can always ask Barry for information. He knows many thing and is willing to share with everyone.
Negative appraisal:
• Tom is not dependable anymore. We cannot continue believing in what he says, in fact, we cannot understand well what he says, too.
• Justine will only make our customers think of us as only aiming for profit. We should not let her in that sales position.
• Jim has very bad communication skill, both verbal and written.
More examples for communications

9. Cooperation performance review phrases

Cooperation has long become an essential part in organizational culture. It may be demonstrated in forms of a simple action to share information or experience with other or of some helpful assistance with handling a problem. It is the decisive factor to ensure smooth running of the organization, the efficiency of every member. Working in cooperation with others is very important to the success of the whole team.

Positive appraisal:
• Greg is a vital part in our team. He helps boost the productivity of everyone.
• Peter considers criticism as an opportunity to improve himself. He is very cooperative.
• Danny is such a thoughtful person that he always cares for other feelings and is ready to offer help whenever possible.
• George helps building a good relationship between his staff members to foster a team first environment.
• Fred inspires his fellow co-workers to work and attract them to enjoy working environment around him.
Negative appraisal:
• Bob is not a good-temper person. He is not cooperative, too, so we can rely nothing on him to help.
• Bill is much focused on his individual tasks. He rarely pays attention to others.
• That is such a waste when Holly never keeps on with her tasks even if she cannot do it. She can always refer to our help, but she didn’t.
More examples for cooperation

10. Creativity, pro-active traits and innovation performance review

A creative quality is always of great use to any organization. It shall not boost the whole performance but create many opportunities to develop in the future. A creative employee is initiative at work, which not only contributes to the whole success of his organization but increases his loyalty as well. Our success will depend much on such dedicated members.

Positive appraisal:
• How creative Jim is. He has helped us very much with improving our time-efficiency and productivity.
• Sally always seeks new innovative approaches to her work and applies the same at her workplace.
• That is remarkable that Clinton can always come up with beautiful ideas to handle his tasks.
• Terry has a unique imagination and creates some of the most innovative things we have known.
• Ryan owns a kill to take creative ideas with effective solutions.
Negative appraisal:
• Jennifer is too much conservative. She is reluctant to new ideas and approaches but her work only stays at one spot and improves nothing.
• We should require Kailan to be more creative in his job. He shouldn’t follow everything he was asked to.
• Ally is unresponsive to risky situations. She tends to avoid things that are different from her way.
More examples for creativity

11. Critical thinking performance review phrases

Critical thinking means that one can make reasonable assumptions and decisions regarding details or processes. A person with critical thinking skill will be able to handle problems very well and come up with solutions in a matter of seconds. Critical thinking can be a valuable quality of employee, if it is used properly.

Positive phrases:
• John always thinks twice before saying. He is very careful and pays attention to every detail before making his decision.
• John can make sound reasoning statements and his critical thinking skill has helped us very much in negotiating contracts and resolving problems.
• John always looks carefully at details of advantages and disadvantages of an opportunity to decide the best solution.
• Thanks to owning a strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills, John is not difficult to handle problems well.
• John always considers carefully situations to work out the most suitable solution.
Negative phrases:
• It is not good if John makes such a quick decision without considering carefully.
• John is too hasty to make such an important decision. It gives me a bad feeling seeing that.
• John is not very efficient decision-maker. He takes everything lightly and reviews briefly any document we give him. And his recommendations are ordinary with no creativity or innovation.
More examples for critical thinking

12. Customer focus performance review phrases

• He always tries to provide the customers with detailed information on any specific issue which they are interested in.
• He cannot afford to disappoint his clients. If he has promised to do something, he will certainly fulfill his promise.
More examples for customer focus

13. Customer satisfaction performance review phrases

• Paul works well with customers because he can deal with furious customers with a calm and rational attitude.
• Jim’s customers always rate him high in customer satisfaction surveys.
More examples for customer satisfaction

14. Decision making performance review phrases

• Sarah is able to make sound fact-based judgments.
• Richard is able to come up with numerous alternative solutions and select the most suitable one.
• Sandra never lets her emotions affect choosing an appropriate decision.
More examples for decision making

15. Dependability performance review phrases

• Ben always performs at or above our expectations.
• Walter is willing to work until the project is finished even if the work requires overtime.
More examples for dependability

16. Ethics performance review phrases

• She is very punctual and values the time of her colleagues and business partners. She has never been late to business meetings.
• She is a very honest person and never affords to use any company’s benefits for her personal purposes.
More examples for ethics

17. Flexibility performance review phrases

• She is strong and confident but at the same time open-minded and always ready to consider proposals of her colleagues.
• He always keeps an eye on the market changes to be able to react immediately, making his company flourish and develop.
More examples for flexibility

18. Goal-setting performance review phrases

Goal setting is a critical skill for a manager/leader. Setting the right goals will keep the performance go forward. On the contrary, setting wrong goals may put a constraint on performance, though. So, evaluating goal setting skill is very important.

Positive phrases:
• Terry is responsible to his whole team by setting reasonable goals for them.
• Terry approaches things in a scientific and reasonable manner. It is reflected the best by how he sets the goals for his work.
• John knows how to share his suitable feedback with his staff regarding their progress.
• John has excellent skills to holds himself accountable for his team’s performance objective and goals.
• John is good at setting clear and measurable performance expectations.
Negative appraisal:
• It does seem like that Terry fails to accomplish his goals. His performance is not bad, though, he promises himself too high and now, he is in a depressed state.
• Terry is distracted very easily and he cannot keep up with his deadline. It seems he should consider more about his goal setting.
• Terry blames others for his failure to keep up with his schedule. In no way he may know that it is because he sets his goals too high.
• Such unachievable goals Terry is setting!
More examples for goal-setting

19. HR management performance review phrases

• Claire communicates with everyone in a warm and professional way regardless of race, gender or social class; therefore, everyone feels recognized and respected.
• Kate looks at employees as individuals with a diverse set of skills, needs, and interests. It helps her to create and maintain a comfortable work environment.
More examples for HR management

20. Improvement performance review phrases

Improvement phrases are used in performance appraisals in order to identify specific areas that employees can improve on. Feel free to use our examples while evaluating workers.

More examples for improvement

21. Initiative performance review phrases

Initiative refers to an employee’s ability to take up new responsibilities without waiting for order to do so. It is such a required quality for who work independently and rely on much creative solutions at work. An initiative employee should be considered a motivated, flexible, competent, dynamic and reasonable worker. He will never do thing beyond his control and shall not take unnecessary actions.

Positive phrases:
• Terry is very thoughtful. He always seeks for new better solutions to problem without waiting for others asking him to.
• There is no need to put such a strict supervision over Terry. He is very flexible and initiative at work. He can manage on his own.
• John always takes responsibility for his area and their actions.
• John is keen on facing with challenging way and seeking to improve working environment.
• John always protects new ideas, objectives or tools.

• Terry is reluctant to new ideas and solutions. He keeps on applying old ones, though they are ineffective.
• Terry has got trouble in handling new ideas. He refuses every recommendation offered to him.
• Terry doesn’t know to answer the bell. He lets new opportunities go by so easily.
• Terry is very limited in his initiative at work. He rarely thinks out of the box. He also rarely accepts new ideas, too.
More examples for initiative

22. Innovation performance review phrases

Innovation skills allow people to develop innovative work methods and bring unique ideas to the table. These skills include risks management, problem-solving, the ability to think outside the box and other useful attributes that improve productivity in the workplace. Creative people are very valuable to all companies, which makes the creativity assessment highly important.

Positive phrases:
• Our clients like Tom for his creativity.
• Lionel suggests many innovative ideas at team meetings.
• Sue is able to resolve complex problems in a creative manner.
• Hayden is one of the most creative employees of the company.
• Sam is open-minded and always seeks for new and most progressive approaches to completing his tasks.
Negative phrases:
• Rachel is afraid to think outside the box.
• Tom avoids uncommon tasks that require innovation skills.
• Daniel regards innovative ideas as too troublesome and risky.
• Most of the time Michelle refuses from innovative opportunities.
• Nathan always prefers methods that do not require any change.
More examples for innovation

23. Integrity performance review phrases

• Flora adheres to moral and ethical principles in any situation. The reputation of the company is utterly important to her.
• Daniel takes full responsibility for his actions. He never blames others for his own mistakes.
More examples for integrity

24. Interpersonal skill performance comments

Interpersonal skill refers to the ability to communicate well and work well in a group-work environment. You may refer it to teamwork skill, though interpersonal skill requires somewhat more. You have to work under greater pressure and communicate better with others. So, it is somehow the combination of teamwork and communication. As such, its importance is more crucial.

Positive appraisal:
• We like it very much to work with Pete. He is very interesting.
• Bill can establish a good support base for his work.
• Jean can work very well with other members in her team. She is dependable, cheerful and energetic.
• Tim always works hard and takes positive to inspire his co-workers to work more effectively.
• Bill always knows how to make the surrounding people comfortable.
Negative appraisal:
• Julie directs fast but has bad attitude with her feedback
• We can only find upsetting things around Tide. He never appreciates anyone and rarely gives a positive comment on others.
• In his career, Ryan has reached no achievements yet as he always got into bad relationship with other colleagues of his.
• Paula likes to stand alone in her team. She rarely contacts with others and they seem to not like that, too.
• Ryan has given up a wake of bad relationships in his career path.
More examples for interpersonal skills

25. Job knowledge performance review phrases

Knowledge about the job is one of the most fundamentals of an employee in addition to skill and ability (qualification). A manager should conduct regular appraisal on this quality of his employee as if one fails to improve his knowledge about the job, he can no longer give a desirable performance. To do this, the manager must know about every aspect of the job, too, and tools to evaluate his employees of the same. Below is one of such tool.

Positive phrases:
• John is a going-forward person. He frequently updates news and information regarding his job or areas of expertise. We can expect nothing more from a competent employee.
• John has such a wonderful knowledge in his areas. But, he always insists that he knows little and tries to learn more all the time.
• John is the one who has the best knowledge about the products of our Company. You should ask him for help.
• John is a work-hard employee and willing to study the knowledge about the job and share everything with his team members.
• John has a potentially comprehensive knowledge to meet the job requirements and related skills.
• John doesn’t know the most basic steps in his job. That’s the reason why his productivity is such low.
• John doesn’t seem to know much about his job as he says. And it is less than we expected at first, too.
• It is a poor thing that John still hasn’t known key fundamentals of his job. What could we do with him now.
More examples for job knowledge

26. Judgment performance review phrases

Judgment is the ability to form good and unbiased opinions about something. This is a vital skill for team leaders, but it can come useful for most of the other jobs. On this page, you will find a number of appraisal phrases that will help you to evaluate the judgmental skills of your employees.

Positive phrases:
• Edward is a circumspect and methodical employee.
• Calvin always addresses urgent issues in the first place.
• Emma is a recognized problem-solver with years of experience.
• Kate always uses logic as the main instrument to solve problems.
• Abigail maintains an objective judgment in any situation.
Negative phrases:
• Terry fails to make a sound judgment.
• Terry is more of an emotion-based decision maker.
• Emma lacks the patience to carefully analyze every angle of a problem.
• Tamara makes decisions without consideration of the company’s standards.
• Samantha does not show a cold mind required to make objective judgments.
More examples for judgment

27. Key strengths

28. Leadership skills performance review phrases

• Keep an open communication among employees;
• Recognize the accomplishment and contribution of employees;
• Motivate the employees to take responsibility for their action;
More examples for leadership

29. Listening skills performance review phrases

• Flora never jumps to conclusions before the speaker finished talking. Conversely, she listens to people’s opinion carefully and actively.
• Fiona sets aside her own feelings and prejudices, doing her best to understand other people’s point of view.
More examples for listening skills

30. Management Skills performance review phrases

• She cares that her employees have good relationships, understand the idea of the project the same way and do not have any serious discordance.
• Every week she sets up staff meetings for her group. It helps the members of the group to be more involved in the project.
More examples for management skills

31. Management style performance review phrases

In many organizations, management skill is a required factor for an employee to succeed and perform well. So, evaluating management-style of an employee has become one of the factors to decide whether that employee is potential to take more responsibility and improve in the future. There are many ways to give an appraisal on management style.

Positive review phrases:
• Kevin is the consummate professional and manages his staff with apparent ease. The reports show that his staffs are pleased with his management style.
• Paul’s management style has helped his team perform work well.
• Tim is a high performer and leads a team of high performers. His management style has brought effectiveness to this department.
• First, Mandy did quite a poor job. However, over time, she has been improving herself very well and now, her team is one of the best in our company.
• Terry is such a competent manager that he has received much appraisal from senior executives and other line-managers and respect from subordinates.
Negative review phrases:
• Well, it is a fact that Holly is not competent enough to lead her team to its goals.
• Though he is the team leader, Paul rarely comes up with any solution to his team problems and consequently, his team is among the least-effective in our company.
• Perhaps Julie is a talented employee, her leadership skills are not the same, though.
More examples for management style

32. Mentoring performance review phrases

Mentoring skills are vital for people involved in staff development. A good mentor has to be able to assist new workers to absorb the company’s policies and social norms. If you want to improve the efficiency of your business, you need to consider mentoring skills while reviewing the performance of your team members.

Positive review phrases:
• John is great at organizing, guiding and delivering feedback to his mentees.
• Jade is willing to assist his mentees at any moment.
• Jack acts as a positive role model for his subordinates.
• Sara assists new staff members to find the best solutions.
• Samantha helps new employees to get used to their jobs.
Negative review phrases:
• Jack lacks the confidence. Some of the new employees do not respect him.
• Tom does not help his mentees to define goals. It reduces the efficiency of his mentoring.
• Tamara often brings in a personal agenda, damaging the growth potential of her mentees.
• Samantha does not have any leadership instincts. New employees do not take her seriously.
• Peter confuses new hires by giving them different directions.
More examples for mentoring

33. Organizing skills / planning performance review phrases

• Sheila is capable of planning and organizing the work in timely manner.
• John sticks to deadlines and always meets the production benchmarks.
More examples for organizing skills

34. Problem solving performance review phrases

Problem solving is a very crucial cognitive process in which one must know about the problem, develop solution to resolve it, and take necessary measures to avoid it from happening again. Problem solving skill may relate to many kinds of skills and qualities, and therefore, it is considered an essential quality for each employee. Improving problem solving skill has become a priority in any organization.

Positive phrases:
• John always analyses situations very well before making his decision.
• Analyzing situation and then solving problems are both John’s strength.
• John considers situations very carefully before working out the best solutions of all.
• John carefully considers a problem, and it is not hard for him to seek out various solutions.
• John always puts a problem into careful examination, thinks it twice before making a proper decision.
Negative phrases:
• John doesn’t seem to care much about what is going on around him. He only tends to his work.
• Quentin is experienced enough to identify problems, but he rarely finds adequate ways to resolve them.
• It seems that John is not the man of problem solving. He repeats his own mistakes. He doesn’t learn the new.
• Sean hates to face challenging problems. He always tries to evade them instead of developing a proper solution.
• It is very easy for John to lose focus on a complex . He has never been successful in resolving one. That’s sad.
More examples for problem solving

35. Productivity performance review phrases

• Jim constantly generates and implements creative ideas to build productivity.
• Sandra does not mind taking over new responsibilities and projects. She is motivated to be highly productive.
More examples for productivity

36. Professionalism performance review phrases

Professionalism makes a successful workplace. Working in a professional manner shall help improve the performance very well. Respecting others and complying with internal rules, professionalism can be a great contributor to a wonderful corporate culture.

Positive phrases:
• He can present attractively.
• She is quite a professional. She knows everything about her job and organization.
• It is quite professionalism of him to comply very well with orders and internal rules.
• He never lets us down. He is like a professional. We can expect much more from him.
• Being calm while working under high pressure, that’s what we need from such a professional.
Negative phrases:
• Being irresponsible is not the quality of a professional.
• He has got trouble to divide between his personal life and work.
• He fails to take necessary measures to improve his performance.
• It is very unprofessional if you are frequently late at work like that.
• Never being inaccurate about anything, that is the style of a professional.
More examples for professionalism

37. Quality of work performance review phrases

Quality of work is the primal characteristic of an employee. It is used to evaluate the results of work produced by a worker.

Positive phrases:
• John never neglects any detail of any task given to him.
• We can rely on Lionel as his performance is of exceptional quality and accuracy.
• Jack is willing to improve the quality of his work.
• Gloria strives to make defect-free products.
• Rachel always completes her work on time and does not make any errors.
Negative phrases:
• Natalie frequently makes errors. She has to overcome the lack of concentration.
• Stephen fails to maintain the high work quality when dealing with new tasks.
• Matthew does not want to pick up new techniques, which damages the quality of his work.
• Tom does not pay enough attention to quality issues.
• Sometimes Jack cannot focus on the work. His actions slow the rest of the team.
More examples for quality of work

38. Relationship Building performance review phrases

• John has respect from employees for lending a patient ear to their problems and concerns.
• Bill understands the needs of his peers and often offers a helping hand to them.
• Tom builds a beneficial rapport with his colleagues and always makes them feel appreciated.
More examples for relationship building

39. Reliability appraisal

It is challenging for an employee to achieve reliability at work. A reliable employee means he must be knowledgeable and willing to help, that everyone can rely on him to help. A reliable employee will surely have a good performance while helping others improve their performance, too. It is not only a quality but an objective for every employee to aim at. It is such a desirable quality of employee that employers are always seeking for.

Positive appraisal:
• George is very effective in his role as a coordinator. He is reliable, competent and helpful.
• This job is suitable to Danny’s qualification. We can count on him. He has never let us down and will not do.
• Walter is such an enthusiastic and energetic person. He is helpful and reliable, too.
Negative appraisal:
• Ben is frequently late at work and tends to show up irregularly in many of our meetings. Though he is competent, he is not dependable.
• Oh, we should forget about Lenny. She cannot accomplish such a sales target. She lacks the reliability that we can count on.
• Peter fails to meet our expectation. Not only he didn’t prepare himself well for the job, he failed to take necessary actions to accomplish the goal.
More examples for reliability

40. Self development performance review phrases

• Florence constantly pursues learning opportunities in order to improve her personal and professional skills.
• Diana is very good at finding areas of improvement. She takes full responsibility for her personal development and is eager to grow in the career world.
More examples for self development

41. Stress management performance review phrases

Stress management has become a duty for employees. If one cannot handle his own stress, he will not be able to complete his work well. Stress should be handled in timely and effective manner. If one cannot handle stress well, he may influence on the performance of the whole team. Evaluating one’s stress management ability is very important. The result will tell you if the evaluatee is capable of taking more responsibility, that he is dependable for higher duties or not.

Positive review phrases:
• She is calm and composure all the times, even under great pressure in terms of deadline or quality of work. She can handle them very well.
• He has such great leadership skills. He handles stress very well and gives a nice influence on others to work better.
• He/she has a good capacity for control stress from high pressure customer situations as well as difficult workloads.
• He/she always expresses her composure even when others are losing theirs.
• He/she is good at managing crisis situations through effective leadership, logical thought and collaborative discussions on solutions.
More examples for stress management

42. Supervision performance review phrases

• Alexander is able to set clear objectives and requirements for subordinates;
• Marry makes certain that employees have a clear understanding of their responsibilities.
More examples for supervision

43. Teamwork performance review phrases

Teamwork is such an essential skill for any employee of a company. It requires people to know to work together in a group and to contribute their efforts toward common goals. It requires them not to compete with each other, but to help each other and share everything that they know. A strong teamwork will definitely make a strong company.

Positive review phrases:
• Paul always makes a good working manner with others.
• Tamara is one of the key contributors to the success of the team.
• Thanks to Bill, our team has reached such an outstanding achievement.
• Arnold is always willing to lend a helping hand to any other member of the team.
• Maria has very good teamwork skill. She is the most effective and cooperative member of our team.
Negative review phrases:
• Vladimir has personal interests that differ from the interests of the company.
• Ronald has to improve his communication skills in order to build better teams.
• Jennifer needs to bring coworkers together in order to improve teamwork in the workplace.
• It is over a year but Olive sill works on his own. He doesn’t like to share his work with others.
• Despite his high status, Joey stays open-minded and respects opinions of the rest of the team.
More examples for teamwork

44. Technical skills performance review phrases

• Samuel always keeps technical skills current and constantly learns new complex skills.
• Fred demonstrates an exceptional ability to learn new technologies quickly and apply them successfully.
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45. Time management performance review phrases

Time management is the ability that one can manage his schedule and time resource well, to balance his private and work life, to handle pressure from deadline without falling over. Good time management skill means one always turns up on time at work, hands over results effective as expected, and is dedicated to the job.

Positive phrases:
• Jenn has such a great multi-task skill. She can take over many tasks at the same time, allocates appropriate time resource for each while maintain a high level of performance.
• Greg is a great time-management leader. He always helps other members in his team with managing their time resource to enhance the production.
• Tricia is the most reliable employee of ours. Her time management skill has been proven and his quality of work has nothing to complain.
• Jennifer keeps track of her schedule very well. He is never late at work or in delivering such outstanding performance.
• Ryan manages his time resource well. His private life and work can exist in harmony.
Negative phrases:
• We have trained Tim enough, we have provided him enough tools to manage his deadline. But in turn, he fails us. He keeps on losing deadlines. He is not a good time manager.
• Holly is provided detailed schedule for each work, nevertheless, she keeps on failing it. She cannot even be the boss of her time resource.
• Paul needs to work harder to keep up with his deadline.
• Fred cannot prepare schedules for his team meetings. They blame him for that.
• Jenny’s performance is bad. Perhaps it is because of her weak time management skill.
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46. Training ability performance review phrases

• We are impressed with Fred because he is willing to give clear instructions of latest technologies and facilities.
• Eva displayed strong training abilities by using sound training techniques to solve the problems.
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47. Weaknesses performance review phrases

• Isaac strives to do his best even if he does not know something.
• Justin is creative and quick on the draw but often acts recklessly.
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