Performance Review Phrases


Performance review phrases for 51 job skills

If you want to stop struggling and use the collection of ready-to-use phrases for performance appraisals, you can see the samples of review phrases below which are a great/helpful tool for periodical/annual job performance appraisal. You should note that, a review phrase can be positive or negative and your performance review can be effective or bad/poor activity for your staffs.

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Review phrases samples for 51 skills

You can ref them by links below:

1. Accountability

2. Adaptability

3. Critical Thinking

4. Appearance/Hygiene

5. Attendance

6. Attitude

7. Collaboration

8. Commitment

9. Communication

10. Cooperation

11. Creativity

12. Critical-thinking

13. Customer focus

14. Customer satisfaction

15. Decision making

16. Dependability

17. Ethics

18. Flexibility

19. Goals-setting

20. HR management

21. Ideals

22. Improvement

23. Initiative

24. Innovation

25. Integrity

26. Interpersonal skills

27. Job knowledge

28. Judgment

29. Key strengths

30. Leadership

31. Listening skills

32. Management Skills

33. Management style

34. Mentoring

35. Organizing skills

36. Planning skills

37. Problem solving

38. Productivity

39. Professionalism

40. Quality of work

41. Relationship Building

42. Reliability

43. Self development

44. Strengths

45. Stress management

46. Supervision

47. Teamwork

48. Technical skills

49. Time management

50. Training ability

51. Weaknesses.

Here it is the most popular performance appraisal sample wording. You can save this post as performance review phrases pdf/doc file. I hope you found the review phrases materials useful for managing with your job tasks efficiently. You can leave your comments.

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