Manager performance appraisal form


Manager performance appraisal form

Here is a sample form:

I/ Information on Manager

• Name:
• Date:
• Job Title:
• Date of Last Review:
• Department:
• Name of evaluator:

II/ Achievement

• Design a table of 5 columns: number, objective, importance level, result, total score
• Total score shall be classified to evaluate the manager

III/ Competence

1. Required competences for the job:

• Technical skill
• Financial skill
• Decision making ability
• Analytical and problem solving skill
• Initiative/perseverance/enthusiasm
• Flexibility
• Written communication skill
• Oral communication skill
• Customer focus
• Teamwork
• Organizational ability
• Negotiating skill

2. Rating Scale

For example:
1 — Exceptional
2 — Strong
3 — Fully competent
4 — Continued development
5 — Poor
N/A — Not Applicable

IV/ Management Skill

• Staff Development/ Mentoring
• Influencing Skill
• Analytical/Conceptual Thinking
• Ability to Lead a Team
• Business Acumen
• Coaching skill

V/ Discussion

1. Strength
2. Needs of development

VI/ Overall Rating

1. Rating Scale
• Exceptional
• Strong
• Fully competent
• Continued development
• Poor

2. Definition of rating criteria

For example:

• Exceptional: Outstanding performance, beyond the expectation
• Strong: Excellent performance, sometimes beyond the expectation
• Fully competent: always meet the expectation
• Continued development: require further improvement and development. Performance is slightly lower the expectation
• Poor: unsatisfactory performance, below the expectation
• New employee: employed for less than 6 months

VII/ Comment of the Manager

VIII/ Signature

Signature shall confirm the manager’s verification of the date of conducting the appraisal but not the appraisal result itself.

Signature of Direct supervisor


• HR Department
• Line manager
• Direct supervisor

You can ref more review forms at: Performance review templates.

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