Job knowledge performance review


Job knowledge performance review
In this post, you can ref useful information about job knowledge performance review. You can ref more materials for job knowledge performance review such as: performance review methods, performance review forms… at the end of this post.
I. Contents of job knowledge performance review
Choosing the right words for your performance evaluations can be a time-consuming, difficult task. Keep employee files updated and choose performance evaluation phrases that best describe specific employee strengths and weaknesses. Thankfully, some example phrases are available to help get you started. Preparation is key and your employees will recognize a well thought-out evaluation.
Attendance and Punctuality

Positive phrases:
Sheila maintains a good schedule and is a reliable employee.
Jim is always on time; ready to work when his shift begins and punctual returning from his lunch break.
Tom sets an example with his perfect attendance.
Negative phrases:
Sheila is an unreliable worker and is often late to work.
Jim is often tardy at the beginning of his work shift and consistently late returning from lunch.
Tom is continually late for work and must improve his attendance record in order to comply with company policy.
Job Knowledge
Positive phrases:
Doug demonstrates and uses his job knowledge on a daily basis.
Michelle always applies new knowledge to her work and keeps up with changes in her field.
As we implement new rules and upgrade software and equipment, Joe is always the first to understand and adjust to the changes.
Judy’s skill set exceeds job requirements.
Negative phrases:
Doug is continually turning in sub-par work and needs to improve his job knowledge.
Michelle repeatedly asks the same questions about her job duties and does not retain important information required to perform her job well.
As we implement new rules and upgrade software and equipment, Joe struggles to learn new technology and adapts very slowly.
Judy’s skill set does not meet job requirements.
Positive phrases:
Bob always has a positive attitude and he makes others feel good when he’s around.
Jane is always enthusiastic and helps motivate team members.
Tom is very level-headed and handles stressful situations with ease.
Tori is quick to congratulate coworkers and builds trust within her team.
Negative phrases:
Bob is somewhat pessimistic and his moods affect other employees.
Jane is careless and unmotivated, which ultimately slows the team down.
Tom is very emotional and does not handle stressful situations well.
Tori often complains about coworkers and builds resentment within her team.
Listening Skills
Positive phrases:
Heidi is sincerely interested in what others have to say and listens fully before responding.
Damon listens to and promptly follows all directions.
Valerie is always an attentive and active listener.
Justin encourages feedback from his customers, listens and works to resolve any problems.
Negative phrases:
Heidi is disinterested in what others have to say and interrupts others before they finish speaking.
Damon does not listen to directions and repeatedly asks management to repeat themselves.
Valerie is an inattentive listener and rarely asks for clarification.
Justin disregards customer feedback and interacts only when necessary.
II. Useful materials for job knowledge performance review
• 11 performance appraisal methods
• Top 28 performance appraisal forms
300+ performance review phrases
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