How to write performance review comments

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As an employee, your job is to perform the duties that you were hired to do according to, or above, company standards. To gauge your performance, your employer conducts periodic appraisals of your work. During the appraisal meeting, your boss discusses with you his assessment of your work. His rating indicates whether you have met, exceeded or failed to meet the requirements of your job. You are also required to write your comments on the appraisal. This is a challenging process that requires humility, objectivity and professionalism on your part.

Step 1
Record your performance over the course of the review period. This allows you to rely on your recorded notes rather than your memory. For example, reviews are usually done yearly, so during that time write down your required duties and how you executed them. Be specific in taking notes. If you failed to perform certain duties appropriately, say why.

Step 2
Perform a self-appraisal before the actual review. Some employers require employees to fill out a self-evaluation form before the appraisal meeting. During this period, recall and rate your performance and state your areas of strengths and those that need improvement.

Step 3
Discuss the self-evaluation with your boss at the appraisal meeting. Your self-appraisal can change your supervisor’s assessment from a negative to a positive, especially if she forgot about some of your accomplishments.

Step 4
Convey your concerns and suggestions to your manager before writing them on the appraisal. For example, if you are unsure of what you did wrong to receive a low rating, ask your manager for clarification, then acknowledge your understanding on the appraisal.

Step 5
Ask your manager to give you some time to write your comments, such as by the next day. Take the time to honestly reflect on your performance and to identify resources that you may need. Even if you have had a positive review, still examine your strengths and weaknesses so you can become an even stronger asset to the company.

Step 6
Write your comments in an objective and professional manner and refrain from taking your manager’s criticisms personally. If applicable, state your understanding of the goal plan, which includes objectives that you must meet by the next review period. The goal plan also includes your boss’s recommendations, such as additional onsite training or attending workshops and seminars.

Step 7
Finish your comments by thanking your boss for his support and guidance.

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