Forced Choice Appraisal Form


Forced Choice Appraisal Form


Forced choice appraisal is a performance appraisal method to evaluate the performance of employees in particular group in order of percentage. For example, how is the performance of the group of 10-20% of top-level employees, of group of 70-80% of middle-level employees, and of group of 10% of bottom-level employees.

Top-rank employees normally are those with high potential for development and higher performance in the future; therefore, compensation for this group may be increased, while lower-rank employees should improve more to be effective, and as a result, they should be put in a trial period before continuing to work for the organization.

2. How to design questions for forced choice appraisal form:

A question shall consist of a pair of statements, either of them is positive or negative. For example:

• Learn quickly — reliable performance.

• Typical performance — usually late at work.

• Quality of work — Good quality.

• Absence at work — Hard-working.

3. Submission of forced choice appraisal form:

• This form is normally evaluated by line managers.

• These managers shall chose the most detailed and appropriate questions for the form.

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