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Performance review report

Performance review report You can ref Performance review report as below. You also find more performance review materials at sidebar such as: • Performance review phrases examples; • Performance review methods; • Performance review templates; • Performance review tips & mistakes etc ============================================================= PERFORMANCE REVIEW REPORT Job-related details and actions taken during the reporting period […]

Performance Review Form

Performance Review Form Some people may claim that performance review form is too long for them to conduct a review over their employees, that it usually takes them hours to sort out the answer and to have a proper evaluation of what to be given in such lengthy form. Thu, maintaining a short review form, […]

Manager performance appraisal form

Manager performance appraisal form Here is a sample form: I/ Information on Manager • Name: • Date: • Job Title: • Date of Last Review: • Department: • Name of evaluator: II/ Achievement • Design a table of 5 columns: number, objective, importance level, result, total score • Total score shall be classified to evaluate […]

Forced Choice Appraisal Form

Forced Choice Appraisal Form Definition Forced choice appraisal is a performance appraisal method to evaluate the performance of employees in particular group in order of percentage. For example, how is the performance of the group of 10-20% of top-level employees, of group of 70-80% of middle-level employees, and of group of 10% of bottom-level employees. […]

Weighted checklist form

Weighted checklist form How to design a weighted checklist form for your performance appraisal? Following the below guidance: 1. Identify which questions you should ask: Consider what do you expect of the employee’s performance and articulate those in the questions you would like to ask: • If the employee may be willing to work overtime […]

Self appraisal form

Self appraisal form Self-appraisal is an important section during performance appraisal process. The employees shall reflect their own opinions or feedbacks on their performance and shall determine the appropriate solutions. The employees shall use a self-appraisal form consisting of various criteria and evaluate themselves on basis of such criteria. A typical form for self-appraisal shall […]

Essay evaluation form

Essay evaluation form An essay evaluation shall require the candidate to write an essay on certain topics or questions. The result shall then be evaluated. As such, this form is more typical in connection with academic recruitment or enrollment. Questions shall be designed by HR departments. Some of typical examples of questions are as follows: […]

Performance review templates

There are various sample forms for a performance review. Subject to the particular needs, purposes, objectives, and nature of the performance review conducted by each organization that some specific sample forms may be useful. I would like to introduce here several of those sample forms for a performance review. You should find these forms easily […]