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How to write a performance review?

This post will help you how to do/writer a performance review The objectives of performance review are to improve your performance, correct any misdoing and reward exceptional accomplishment. It should be more about improving oneself than rewarding. It’s true that not many people seem to like performance review, which results in some misunderstanding and misapplication […]

Performance review process

Performance review process Process of Performance review includes 5 steps as follows: 1. Performance standard setting The first step to conduct a performance review is to set the standards, or criteria, for the review. Such standards shall be the basis of evaluating the performance of employees and comparing the results of different ones. Those standards […]

Performance review goals

Performance review is not only an important process to the effectiveness of a company, it is also a tool to develop each individual in a professional manner. Any company will set specific goals for their employees while requiring them to set goals themselves. By achieving both sets of goals, the company and the employees will […]