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Performance review phrases – technical skills

Performance review phrases for technical skills. Any job requires certain technical skills to accomplish. And if an employee wants to perform his job well, he has to understand the technical requirement of the job. Technical requirement doesn’t mean the technology but more accurately, the professional operations needed to perform the job. For instance, as for […]

Performance review phrases – management style

Performance review phrases for management style. Management style is a decisive factor to the appropriate management within an organization. Therefore, when selecting a manager, his/her management style is one of the most basic factors to decide whether he/she is suitable to the position. This section below will provide a various ways of remarking a management […]

Performance review phrases – interpersonal skills

Performance review phrases for interpersonal skills. Interpersonal skill is your ability to communicate and work well with surrounding people and work under a lot of pressure. Many employers consider this is the most important soft skill that an employee should have. As a result, it position in a performance appraisal is very crucial. This section […]

Performance review phrases -dependability

Performance review phrases for dependability/Reliability. No employer wants to assign job to an employee who cannot perform it or at least, do it in a positive manner as the employer expects. An “unreliable” person should never be employed, and the employer’s task to identify those is crucial to the efficiency of the workplace. In a […]

Performance review phrases – creativity

Performance review phrases for Creativity and innovation. Creativity and innovation are necessary requirements for any job. In particular, there are among the most important abilities in manufacturing, R&D, brand building, advertising jobs… However, an innovative workplace is not a guarantee of no failure or mistake. But the importance is how you use the innovation and […]

Performance review phrases – customer satisfaction

Performance review phrases for customer satisfaction or customer focus. Every division in a company has its own customers. Customers of external divisions are buyers of products while customers of internal divisions are employees of external divisions. Therefore, a good customer service must be maintained through the whole organization to keep satisfaction and efficiency at the […]

Performance review phrases – cooperation

Performance review phrases for cooperation. Most jobs require cooperation. It also becomes an integral part of the organizational culture. Cooperation can be shown in various forms. Cooperation may be the simple action when you share information with colleagues at the office or help them do their assignments. Cooperation is a decisive factor to the efficiency […]

Performance review phrases – attitude

Performance review phrases for attitude. Attitude is the most important criterion in performance appraisal, especially as for those companies who value customer services very much. A good attitude of employees will further enhance the quality of customer services while a poor attitude will cause a bad customer experience and as a consequence, they may not […]

Performance review phrases – attendance

Performance review phrases for attendance. Among factors to evaluate an employee, attendance and punctuality are simple but very important though. However, they are also sensitive issues to any employee as they usually don’t like debating on their lateness at work or spending too much time on lunch or break. Nevertheless, as the manager of a […]

Performance review phrases – initiative

Performance review phrases for initiative (create Ideals/Creative…). Simply to say, when you take the initiative in something, you do that without having someone tell you. It’s not reckless doing but a careful consideration with thinking and taking the advantage of suitable situation. Therefore, initiative staff is very valuable to any organization. Such staff includes those […]