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Performance review phrases – organizing and planning

When an employee faces with a challenging objective, it is common feeling that they are energetic and enthusiastic about the task. However, his/her performance can be significantly reduced due to the internal problems within the organization in relation to managerial function. Organizations are now taking a numerous of approaches to handle these problems in order […]

Performance review phrases – listening skills

Performance review phrases for listening skills. Many people think or wish that they have a good listening skill while, in fact, they rarely pay attention to others’ comment or opinions. If a manager doesn’t listen to his employees or customers, the consequences can be the dissatisfaction of the employees or customers. Advantages of Having an […]

Performance review phrases – leadership

Performance review phrases for leadership. Performance Review Phrases on Leadership Skill can be very diversified as leadership is a core quality of a manager which may be the main subject of certain performance review processes. One having leadership skill is not necessarily a manager. Such a person can be an employee as well and in […]

Performance review phrases – innovation

Performance review phrases for innovation. Innovation is the change in thinking process of doing something in a new way or doing new thing in a useful manner. Innovation means thinking out of the box, challenging the old way of doing things and readily adopting unrecorded methods of performing something. When innovation is considered a core […]

Performance review phrases – Adaptability

Adaptability means the feeling of flexibility toward changes. It indicates your ability to handle changing demand in the circumstances, uncertainty and stress. A person with good adaptability can remain calm and composed under difficult situations. They are more likely to accomplish the tasks or meet the deadlines in duly manner. Adaptability also means one can […]

Performance review phrases – decision making

Performance review phrases for decision making. Decision making skill is crucial to a person in relation to their ability of self-managing. Decision making skill relates very closely to one’s ability to take responsible for what he/she is doing in his/her life. It is the most important skill that a leader should have. A person with […]

Performance review phrases – supervision

Supervising process is an arrangement in which a group of advisors meets together and discusses with someone who is experienced in supervision duties. The objective of the group meeting is to enhance the performance in the whole organization and improve the relationship between the advisors and supervisors. In such a meeting, the group will discuss […]

Performance review phrases – job knowledge

Performance review phrases for job knowledge. Knowledge is one of the three fundamental aspects to be considered in evaluating an employee (Knowledge, Skill, and Ability). As a manager, to be able to evaluate this criterion of an employee, the manager must be able to know the typical descriptions of a person with good or bad […]

Performance review phrases – training

Training and development is a very important task in any organization and so is on-the-job training. On-the-job training reflects directly and practically what you can learn and do at work. Another training method is inviting an expert to instruct the employees, to train and improve their qualification. Positive performance review phrases for training ability 1. […]

Performance review phrases – time management

Time management is the skill of managing one’s time resource to accomplish his or her goals. As an employee, time management is very important to his or her performance at work. An employee has to, at the same time, deal with a number of problems including meeting deadlines, estimating the outcome, managing the schedule or […]