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Performance review phrases for Customer Focus

Customer focus is the ability of a person (or a whole company) to put the customers’ interests first and orient to satisfying their needs by any means necessary. Client-oriented companies are interested in a high-level of service and pay attention to opinions of their customers. The main effect expected of this competence is increased profit […]

Performance review phrases for collaboration

Collaboration is a process when a few individuals work together to complete the task successfully. At the interview, many employers test their potential employees in order to find out if they are able to work in collaboration. It means that they will have a higher chance to do a good job. A company that employs […]

Performance review phrases – Professionalism

Performance review phrases for Professionalism. I. Positive performance review phrases for Professionalism 1. Having professional dressing manner; 2. Acting honestly and reliably in working with others; 3. Being frequently motivating others; 4. Having quite professional knowledge about the job; 5. Comply strictly with the company regulations; 6. Being able to presenting attractively; 7. Exceeding the […]

Performance review phrases – Productivity

Performance review phrases for Productivity. I/ Positive performance review phrases for Productivity 1. Meet or exceed the requirements with highly productivity; 2. Accomplish the tasks in timely manner; 3. Maintain a good quality of the work in align with high productivity; 4. Frequently encourage and help others to give a high productivity at work; 5. […]

Performance review phrases of accountability

Accountability is the term indicating an essential core competency. It reflects the expected explanation of a person as to his/her acts or behaviors. Judging from one’s accountability, he/she can be determined to be liable to the action or behavior he/she has made. In contractual terms, people are often subject to accountability duty in performing their […]

Performance review mentoring phrases

Performance review phrases for mentoring. 1. Positive phrases • Terry is very helpful to mentor entry-level members to get used to their jobs. • Terry can be a great mentor as he is very helpful to new members. • Terry demonstrates high qualification in internal policies and standards which is deemed a necessary requirement of […]

Performance review judgment phrases

Performance review phrases for Judgment phrases. 1. Positive phrases • Terry can make sound judgments to consider the most suitable solution to a problem. • Terry knows to apply appropriate knowledge and information source to make sound decisions. • Terry is a fair decision-maker; • Terry doesn’t let cloud cover his viewpoint in facing with […]

Performance review improvement phrases

Performance review phrases for needs improvement phrases examples. 1. The necessity of improvement areas: – There is no perfect employee and one must frequently work hard to improve oneself to develop his/her career path. Companies know this and require their employees to set their specific areas of improvement and shall consider these areas very carefully […]

Performance review key strengths

Performance review is a frequent and important task conducted in every organization. It helps enhancing the overall performance of the organization, improving the qualification of employees, and resolving immediate mistakes or failures within the organization. It is also helpful for human resource policy of the company in such aspects as recruitment, promotion, demotion, remuneration …. […]

Performance review – customer services

You can do Performance review of customer services based on competencies as follows: 1. Knowledge and Skills Where an employee knows much about his company’s services and products and about his job, he may give the best performance. An objective of a job performance appraisal is to identify whether the employee satisfies the requirements of […]