Annual performance review templates


Annual performance review templates
In this post, you can ref useful information about annual performance review templates. You can ref more materials for annual performance review templates such as: performance review methods, performance review forms… at the end of this post.
I. Contents of annual performance review templates
One of the biggest reasons for putting off a review is not knowing where to begin. Here we provide helpful tips and provides links to templates you can download for free.
The Dreaded Job Performance Evaluation
 Beyond tips on what to expect in the employee evaluation process, you’ll also find free job performance review templates in our Media Gallery.
When I first began my career in human resources, I worked for a company that not only asked for the supervisor or boss to complete a job performance review but also the employee. On the average, supervisors tend to tone down an evaluation because everyone has room for improvement right?
On the other side of this equation—the employee; they tend to supersize their performance to give room for the boss or supervisor to offer tips on areas where they really aren’t experts. For the most part, however, if an employee has a chance to review his or herself, how that self-evaluation comes out often depends upon the age or generation of the employee.
If you look at the gaps in generations, as an employer or supervisor, you can expect the following:
o                                Traditionalists (Born prior to 1945) – For the very hard worker and old fashioned, a performance review will be the most honest of all of them. They work hard for their money and expect to receive tips on how to improve.
o                                Baby Boomers (Born between 1946-1964) – This group will offer a more supersize review, because they know they’re great and are pretty sure if they need to improve, they can do it on their own.
o                                Gen Xers (Born between 1965-1982) – Not only will you get a shining review; you’ll also get reasons why they’re better than the other guy in the office. They might even remind you how valuable they are to your organization.
o                                Millennials (Born between 1983-2000) – Finally, we have the youngest of our generations and they’ll be practical, yet bold and will tell you if they had this or that technology, how much better the entire office would be.
Set Specific Evaluation Periods
This is something some employers never do, and those guilty of this also forget annual review time. Try not to offer a review in 90 days or call a 90-day review a probationary period. For the most part, and in most states, using the word, “probationary time,” is illegal so avoid it. While you can review an employee in 90 days, tell them the 90 days is more of a “getting to know each other time” and that the review will reflect both supervisor and employee suggestions.
The best thing business owners can do today is offer either six-month or annual reviews and stick to the timelines you set. If you don’t, and offer reviews sporadically, the employee will expect a salary increase every time they are reviewed or receive a job performance evaluation. Think cash flow and what you can afford to offer to employees if they do indeed deserve an increase. If you evaluate them quarterly, be prepared to open your wallet.
Writing the Review
 Decide first who will evaluate the employee and will the employee also be able to evaluate his or her own work performance. Some larger companies not only offer both of these types of reviews but also a job evaluation for a close co-worker.
Whatever you decide, use the same form and keep that form uniform. Don’t have an evaluation form for the employee and one for the supervisor. Allow everyone involved in the job review process use the same form; it makes it much simpler.
II. Useful materials for annual performance review templates
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