Performance review phrases

Phrases or Comments for Performance Appraisal

1. Attitude Performance Review Phrases

Positive Phrases

• Ted has such a calm mind that we are always surprised at how he deals with problems.

• Tom always looks for the bright side and knows to evaluate his position in difficult circumstances.

• Jenny succeeds partly thanks to her positive attitude toward everything.

Negative Phrases

• Jim tends to be so superior to his colleagues that no one wants to work with him.

• Walter frequently behaves in an unpleasant manner.

• Bill always sees thing on the worst side so that he has a tendency to depress everyone working with him.

2. Creativity Performance Review Phrases

Positive Phrases

• Ryan knows to quickly adapt to new environment and comes up with brilliant ideas.

• Rachel is good at solving problems by creative solutions.

• Harry is very encouraging everyone in his team to think openly and come up with new solutions to handle tasks.

Negative Phrases

• Jean is unable to adapt herself to work with creativity and doesn’t seem to value new ideas suggested to her.

• It is difficult for Kevin to think out of the box and coming up with a creative solution to an existing problem is an unfeasible task for him.

• Jim tends to act before thinking, so his new idea cannot help him anyway if he acts like that.

3. Critical Thinking Performance Review Phrases

Positive Phrases

• Johns always considers everything twice before acting.
• With strong reasoning and critical-thinking skills, John can handle every problem very well.

Negative Phrases

• John always jumps to his conclusion before consulting others’ opinion.
• John acts without thinking of the possible consequences that he may face with.

4. Goal Setting Performance Review Phrases

Positive Phrases

• John effectively keeps his staff focused by setting clear goals and assigning duties to them.
• It is a good practice of John to assign duties to his staff member and monitor their performance toward such goals.

Negative Phrases

• John only sets goals for his employees, however, he takes no measure to supervise their performance.
• John’s goal-setting skill is not effective since he always assigns inappropriate tasks to his employees

5. Initiative Performance Review Phrases

Positive Phrases

• Dean never waits for others to tell him what to do, he is an initiative man.
• For John, no supervision is required, I suppose, since he can work very initiatively.
• John is very responsible for his job. We don’t need to tell him what to do since he gets the job better than us.

Negative Phrases

• John lacks the experience and qualifications required to perform the job effectively without specific orders assigned to him.
• We much place a close supervision over John. If not, we will not know if he derails from his path at any time.
• Perhaps John has the qualification, however, he lacks initiative and active manner that it is risky to assign much responsibility to him.

6. Interpersonal Skill Performance Review Phrases

Positive Phrases

• Kevin has good interpersonal skill. We can see him establishing relations with many people to get the job done.
• Peter’s relation with many people is a great advantage since it helps him complete the tasks more quickly.
• Holly’s interpersonal skill is which keeps her team together and focused and connected toward common goals.

Negative Phrases

• Peter’s character is too strong that it may damage the relationship within our team.
• John makes a good impression that he is a great visionary, but the way he communicates his vision to others is unacceptable.
• Tyler rarely shows his appreciation to the contribution others have made to the team effort which results in their upset with his behavior.

7. Quality of Work Performance Review Phrases

Positive Phrases

• John pays much attention to details. His work has a high quality.
• Accuracy and quality of work are the main concerns with John.
• It is hardly that John can ignore such a mistake since he is a man of quality of work.

Negative Phrases

• We shouldn’t believe too much on John. He may be good, but his work is never as good as it should be.
• John produces many error products. May be we shouldn’t assign this task to him.
• John shows lack of focus on his work. that’s the reason why his products are normally error.

8. Teamwork Performance Review Phrases

Positive Phrases

• We have many teams here in our company and Team’s ability to work well with all of them is a great asset of ours.
• Harry knows the fundamentals of maintaining a professional and effective relationship with his employees, colleagues and managers.
• Ben is never the man who cares about who will get the credit. His only concern is that his job is done well.

Negative Phrases

• When he was still a team member, Peter demonstrated a poor teamwork skill. Now he is in a supervisory role, I believe that we cannot count much on him for a good teamwork environment.
• Esther puts a focus of mind on her job but lacks necessary teamwork skill to ensure the task is accomplished well.
• Ollie seems to be reluctant to work with others. He should improve his teamwork skill better.
• Paul is so contented with his qualification and knowledge that he rarely cooperates with others.

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